International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 36

PRO GuIDe AERO-GP handguards now MotoGP approved Barkbusters, the leading motorcycle handguard specialist, has announced that its AERO-GP lever guards are now tested and approved for all categories of MotoGP racing, and expecting WSBK approval soon. “For the 2019 racing season we expect to have the AERO-GP lever guard in a number of domestic and international racing categories as the choice of lever protection for racers from the Australian Superbike (ASBK) series through to World Supersport 300 (WSS300) - we also hope to see the product involved in MotoGP soon too,” said Rob Veljanoski, the Operations Manager for Berkeley, New South Wales based Barkbusters’ manufacturer Rideworx. Though originally best known for their award- winning, highly regarded ‘Storm’ off-road/on-road adventure touring and street bike handguard designs, Barkbusters entered the pure sports/race bike style products market last year and now have a product design series with the same “value, style and functionality” for street riders that will soon be “competing at the highest levels of international street racing”. The AERO-GP line are aerodynamically designed lever guards “conceived with safety in mind but created to be beautiful when fitted to your machine,” says Robert. “The innovative design will complement the look of today’s street bike aesthetics while providing the essential protection needed to prevent accidental activation of the brake or clutch lever during close quarters racing on the track. “For street riders the same safety elements are evident as for those riding in large groups, tight spaces and during lane filtering (splitting) on congested urban roads. The AERO-GP is compatible with most makes and models, including fully-faired sports bikes, tourers and scooters. Each pack contains the aerodynamic GP styled lever protector, which features innovative design with hi-tech nylon composite construction for rigidity and strength.” They mount to a single point on the handlebar end. The included fitment will suit 6 mm or 8 mm internal thread handlebars and they feature a unique locking system for hollow handlebars. The adjustable reach means a perfect fit and they are sold with an additional aerofoil included - “the sleek functional aerofoil can be fitted for increased wind protection or removed in seconds for a compact, sporty style”. “Since we launched our STORM handguard ranges for street bikes back in 2008, we’ve seen demand explode. With so many riders now enjoying the thrill of racing and track days, we have found a unique way to offer a stylish and functional solution to their safety requirements for lever protection. “With the added design features and adaption for further aerofoil protection, we have now brought this solution to the style-conscious street rider with our AERO-GP design.” RIDEWORX Unanderra, NSW, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 242 718 244 Silkolene Super 4 The UK based Fuchs Silkolene R&D team has announced a new formulation and additive package for its popular entry level Super 4 engine oil programme. Throughout 2018, the UK R&D team at Fuchs Silkolene has been working in partnership with world leading additive manufacturers, resulting in developing a new and improved formulation for the Silkolene Super 4 range of engine oils. Joost van Genderen, Head of the Fuchs Silkolene Motorcycle Division, said that utilising the latest technology and superior additive packs has meant that the new Silkolene Super 4 formulation has moved away from traditional Group I to the more versatile and advanced GP II and GP III base stocks – “which offer a much-improved performance and protection profile”. Replacing the previous entry level workshop grade, the new Super 4 will be the only entry level grade that the company will offer in the future, saying that “dealer and 36 consumer confidence in the brand will be assured as this new improved range meets the much superior API SL and JASO MA2 2016 accreditations”. Joost went on to say that “Super 4 is designed to offer the very best entry level motorcycle oil in the market, at a competitive price. Many oil companies are bringing out lower priced and lower spec oils all the time, with most not even achieving the very minimum specification as set out in manufacturer handbooks. Many are not JASO approved and can potentially reduce engine performance and increase internal wear whilst offering a disappointing experience for their customers. Super 4 will offer the very best oil at the very best price. “Silkolene is a true UK brand, 100 percent dedicated to creating the most advanced and comprehensive motorcycle lubricants available and is sold exclusively through motorcycle dealerships and distribution channels.” INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 FUCHS SILKOLENE Hanley, UK Tel: +44 1782 203 700