International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 34

GUIDE TX windshield for scooters Puig, the Barcelona based performance plastics specialist, has channelled its long experience in the design of aerodynamic accessories into the new TX windshield, developed specifically for scooters. It provides “screen-printed transparent protection, characterised by a stylised design with lateral flap air deflectors and a curvature in the upper part that improves protection”. The screen is made from high-strength plastic material with a thickness of 4 mm, which is said to offer optimal weather and debris protection for the rider. The windshield is supplied with all the necessary hardware for installation. Nylon washers and self-locking nuts allow rotation of the mirror without loss of grip so that when the rear-view mirror receives an impact, it rotates the whole assembly so that the rider can return it to the initial position without tools and without losing the original turning tension. PUIG/MOTOPLASTIC S.A. Granollers (BCN), SPAIN Tel: +34 93 8490633 Scottoiler ‘Scorpion’ dual injector Scottoiler has announced the launch of a new dual injector dispenser compatible with all Scottoiler chain oilers - the ‘Scorpion’ - an accessory upgrade for all Scottoiler chain lubrication systems. The easy-to-fit and discreet twin feed is said to deliver enhanced oiling to both sides of the chain. Replacing the standard dispenser, it works by feeding oil simultaneously to both faces of the sprocket through its unique twin feed pincer nozzles. This precise application is said to ensure an even distribution of oil onto both sides of the chain via the sprocket. The more precise application can result in an even cleaner transmission, less oil use and increased intervals between refills. The ‘Scorpion’ uses Scottoiler’s new multiform dispenser mount, utilising high quality super- adhesive tape that sticks to all surfaces and provides an easy and effective solution for mounting the ‘Scorpion’. The new multiform dispenser mount can be bent and cut in various ways, giving the ‘Scorpion’ the versatility to be fitted to nearly all swingarm types and in different orientations, allowing for compatibility with a greater number of different makes and models. The ‘Scorpion’ is supplied with small straight pincer nozzles as standard, giving a very neat and effective application, and longer nozzles for some bikes with toe guards, such as the Honda Africa Twin. SCOTTOILER LTD Glasgow, SCOTLAND Tel: +44 (0)141 955 1100 Premium grade lithium batteries by BS BS Battery has announced the introduction of a “brand new and innovative lithium-ion motorcycle and powersport battery range - designed for the most demanding riders, those looking for higher and safer performance and faster acceleration”. Said to feature massively reduced weight and to deliver much longer battery life, General Manager Benjamin Sebban says that “the very low and slow self-discharge means engines can still start even after a very long period of storage, even in very cold temperature conditions”. The BS lithium-ion battery range covers most of the existing motorcycle, scooter and wider powersports market applications and has a unique design with a brass terminal and lightweight, waterproof fibre material case that can resist up to 230 degrees centigrade. BS BATTERY SAS Suresnes, FRANCE Tel: +33 1 83 62 45 60 34 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019