International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 32

ROAD TRIP national motorcycle federation hosted an international “scramble” for teams from Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, and called it a “moto-cross.” While the sport’s popularity grew steadily over the next 25 years, one thing that remained constant was the stock paper air filter designs of the time. There was a paper filter with a single layer of foam, but even that didn’t cut it for protection - after 30 minutes it was shot. In those early days of motocross, engine failures were common. It was in 1972 that Twin Air gave the motocross world a historic boost with their revolutionary approach to air filter design - a laminated, dual-foam air filter that, when soaked in a special oil, allowed free airflow into the carburettor while keeping dirt, grime, sand and water out of it. It was effective, durable, washable and reusable. It took off, and the little start-up company that invented it hasn’t stopped ever since. Today they are available for all motocross and ATV vehicles and distributed worldwide. Twin Air filters are OEM-specified for 20+ motorcycle companies, and the official air filter of worldwide factory teams such as Honda HRC, Kawasaki Racing Team, Yamaha Racing, Red Bull KTM, Rockstar Husqvarna and many more Twin Air’s breakthrough was to recognise the two quite different and often competing characteristics needed from a motocross air filter - high air flow and maximum particulate restriction. Their answer was to double-up on the filtration process with a fused dual-layer design that is now the go-to standard air filter architecture, and while the principle is often copied, “nobody can get close to our level of quality and performance,” says Pieter Does, General Manager. “The fused layers of open-pore foam and fine inner foam layer trap even the smallest particles. The rounder design boosts airflow, and with a revolutionary micro-gluing process to minimise the 32 Brand Manager Bart Ghielen seams - shorter seams mean more flow - we have a combination that makes it possible to maximise the protection for the engine and horsepower boosting performance of improved air flow volume and speed - where air flow is concerned speed means more speed - and that comes from minimum possible disruption and restriction of the air flow. In fact, we manufacture some models with a backfire- resistant foam layer laminated to the filter so we can even eliminate the restrictive stock backfire screen from the air box. “As engine technology has advanced, so too filter technology has had to not just keep up, but be ahead of OE engineers’ requirements in order to help them access the full potential of the machines they are designing. One of our big achievements has been to INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 specify a quality of foam, that means that the cells are evenly sized and distributed throughout the structure of the air cleaner, making for a smooth, predictable and consistent air flow, and that is a huge advantage to the engineers and to professional as well as amateur racers. “This also means that our motorcycle and ATV filters are truly fully washable and durable - the structure is stable and uniform - and being able to reuse a Twin Air motorcycle or ATV filter at least 50 times is common. We also use a high-quality greaseless sealing ring, with every filter assembled by hand and "In 1972 Twin Air gave the motocross world a historic boost" inspected for a perfect fit. “For many years Twin Air factory pre-oiled filters were only available to our top professional race teams and OEM customers. The results were so good that we now offer the same factory treatment to everyone. “We start with an original dual- stage air filter and completely submerge it in BIO liquid power filter oil. After the filter is massaged to ensure all pores are evenly coated with oil, it’s placed in a temperature-controlled room to allow the oil to completely cure. You just open the resealable bag and install. “Another Twin Air innovation is our range of PowerFlow kits. The best filter in the world can’t do its job if there are leaks in the seal of the airbox. Twin Air’s kits ensure a leak-proof, fool-proof fit with a rigid, lightweight billet aluminium cage that replaces the flimsy plastic stock cage, and a billet aluminium flange with a rubber seal that bolts tight to the airbox. PowerFlow kits for ATVs are custom- designed for each unique application for superior