International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 31

Twin Air General Manager Pieter Does anufacturing air filters for motorcycles is easy, right? It is simply a question of cutting, stamping, printing, gluing, assembly, pre-oiling (or not), packing and shipping, right? Think again! Robin Bradley visited Twin Air at Veghel in the Netherlands to see for himself just how much care and testing goes into every air filter… M Whether you are working with paper, cotton, foam, gauze and mesh or any other combination or kind of filter media technology, the process, and the importance of getting it right, is an attention-to-detail minefield and a primary critical component for engine performance. Visiting Twin Air in the Netherlands reminded me just how much attention to detail needs to go into that process and just how a filter can affect performance. Twin Air has been a leading foam air filter manufacturer for almost 50 years and only makes motorcycle and ATV air filters - with off-road and motocross performance its speciality. A major OE filter manufacturer, with the added reach of their aftermarket programme, Twin Air can claim to have been the filter of choice for “more World and National Champions than all other air filters combined”. Since 1972, Twin Air’s owner Klaas Biermann is proud of Twin Air’s record of having supported over 300 World Champions. The Netherlands can claim a special place in the history of motocross - the country’s sandy, gritty soil is where it all began. It was in the Netherlands, in 1947, that the Dutch INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 31