International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 27

SHOW ZONE Akrapovic: Always keen to tell the world about its quality control, materials and performance credentials, the Slovenian manufacturer recently completed a major investment in new durability testing technology. The durability tests required by contemporary emissions regulations have proved to be a difficult, time-consuming and expensive undertaking for exhaust manufacturers the world over. The company has added to its equipment list with a Durability Dyno that is specifically designed for the kind of mileage accumulation required by compliance standards and for advanced exhaust system development. The company says that it will still test on-road and at the track, but the fully autonomous 200 kW durability motorcycle chassis dyno has its own automated fuelling system, so there is no need to stop the bike and refuel it, allowing for extended runs to fully assess the durability of every exhaust. The bike is “ridden” by a fully automated robot with a throttle actuator developed in-house, meaning there is no need for a human rider on the bike. The dyno can run defined speed and load cycles to provide complete mileage accumulation. A full spectrum of cameras and sensors make a broad range of tests and analysis available, and it can be set to perform with wind speeds of up to 200 km/h; Moto Morini: Company President Ruggeromassimo Jannuzzelli’s holding company Autjann Srl has sold 100% of the share capital in Italian motorcycle brand Moto Morini to the Zhongneng Vehicle Group. The Jannuzzelli family took over ownership in 2015 and moved Moto Morini from Bologna Trivolzio, south of Milan, to a 3,500 sq m facility. Each Morini is assembled by hand, starting with its engine, and each model is built on request. Zhongneng is based in South West China and produces some 500,000 small cc scooters annually and makes engines for other manufacturers and its own Zhen Motor brand. Founder and President Chen Huanneng says he has “great plans” for the brand and that “it will remain on Italian soil”; Rieju: Jamie Masterman, the International Sales Manager for the Spanish manufacturer, told IDN “response to our 2019 new model updates has been excellent. They include custom versions of the Cafe Racer style Century 125, a new Marathon 125AC and the first glimpse of the new Tango series that will be available in multiple engine capacity versions”. In additional news, the company’s new Bosch powered NUUK electric two-wheel moto range is now finalised and in mass production, offering a wide range of zero exhaust emission machines for low emission conscious fleet and consumer buyers; SW-Motech: Recent new products include model-specific and selected universal fit accessories for the R 1250 GS, including luggage options such as removable PRO side carriers for its TRAX ADV aluminium cases, SysBag 30 with adapter plate or AERO ABS side cases, tank bag options and protector options such as crash bar, crash pads and engine guard, plus options for the popular Royal Enfield Himalayan; Termignoni: Last year the Predosa, Italy based specialist completed development of its highly anticipated system for the Panigale V4. The new project, known as 4USCITE, incorporates “all the essence and tradition of Termignoni design and represents a real revolution in the world of exhaust systems. Important chassis parts have been integrated to make up a one-of-a-kind kit”. The system has been split into two parts. The front cylinders feed the two lower exits, positioned on the right side and assimilated with the carbon half fairing thanks to a titanium flange. The rear cylinders flow into the two undertail exits, which blend with the Panigale tailpiece thanks to two lateral appendages in carbon. Evolution of its ‘UpMap’ tuning tool continues with an entire division of the company dedicated to the effort - involving 18 people, 15 months of research, 5 months of product development and 3,000 km of track testing. ‘UpMap’ connects to the diagnosis cable of the bike, and through an iOS and Android App allows the rider (or tuner) real time Smartphone access “to a universe of mappings that allows autonomous reprogramming of the ECU”; INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 27