International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 21

SHOW ZONE Robin Bradley Publisher Pictures by Sara Viney additional pictures from EICMA According to the attendance (figure-free) post show press release issued by the EICMA/ANCMA organisation, it would appear that visitor numbers at this year’s ‘Milan’ Show must have been down on 2017. With the real, actual number of exhibiting businesses with booths (as opposed to catalogue brand cross-references) looking to be less than in recent years, and with less than half the international reach of its primary expo competitor (in terms of quoted visitor country count), it looks like the show may be losing some lustre, just as the Italian market continues to post (theoretical) growth, and just as that primary expo competitor posted a record equalling attendance, with independently audited visitor numbers actually quoted. The ‘Milan’ visitor numbers have long been assumed to be overstated, and largely populated by non-riders, or low-mileage, low-value riders at best, but regardless of the debate that is raging internationally about the perceived merits and shortcomings of the market’s two primary shows (see our INTERMOT 2018 review elsewhere in this edition of IDN), there appeared to be enough people at ‘Milan’ to keep the aisles and booths busy, whatever the truth is about the real balance sheet cash value that their parts and accessory buying volume has for the industry… Newfren: This is a big year for the near Turin based specialist. The originator of the modern motorcycle and scooter brake shoe, the company was founded in the 1950s and were innovators and early adopters of a number of new brake technologies such as bonded friction material, gravity and high-pressure die casting and brake shoes without rivets, and remains Europe’s PTW brake show market leader. For 2019 the company has also extended its production and sale of race-derived clutch sets for motorcycles and mopeds. CEO Valter Barbero told us that “the range of Newfren clutches has grown both technically and in terms of the spread of applications we offer – we have grown in parallel with the development of the OEM model ranges and are always one of the first to have updated applications available for the new models of motorcycles and scooters each year. Our involvement with leading race teams at the highest levels of motorsport has been the driver for our ability to constantly be devloping ever more reliable, durable and better performing clutch plates”; Artein Gaskets: Celebrating its 60th Anniversary, the Spanish gasket manufacturer expands its range to off-road motorcycles with a new catalogue covering the most popular brands, including KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Husaberg & Kawasaki. These days Artein Gaskets is one of the main manufacturers of motorcycle gaskets in Europe with a wide range of gaskets but also rubber parts, polymers, technical foams and technical protectors for industrial purposes, OEM, aftermarket and competition; INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 21