International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 10

news ROOM Ducati 2018: sales -5% BRIEFS in 2018; takes lead in the superbike segment NEWS The eurozone economy stuck to its lowest pace of growth in four years in the final three months of 2018. Gross domestic product (GDP) in the 19 countries sharing the single currency rose by +0.2% in the quarter and by +1.2% year- on-year, according to Eurostat. Italy's economy contracted for the second consecutive quarter at the end of 2018 - the criteria which defines an economy’s entry into recession. Gross domestic product fell a quarterly -0.2% between October and December, following a -0.1% decline in the third quarter, and was up +0.1% on an annual basis, national statistics bureau Istat reported. Italy has a long-standing problem of weak economic growth. The economy is still 5% smaller than it was at the peak before the global recession a decade ago. Spanish Pedelec and eMTB start- up Bultaco Motors has filed for bankruptcy protection. Founded in 2015, the Madrid based business with assembly capacity in Barcelona, is owned by MMI Investments and owes 11m euro. The company was trading under a brand license granted by the family of Francesc “Paco” Bultó - the founder of the original Bultaco business. A director of the 1944 founded Montesa motorcycle company, he left to create the original Bultaco brand with other former Montesa employees in 1958. After considerable race success and popularity of its 2-stroke machines with consumers it folded in 1983. In 2017 Bultaco Motors sold 1,250 units and posted turnover of over 4m euro. SWM (Speedy Working Motorcycles), the Italian comeback brand now owned by Shineray, has confirmed its plan to launch four new V-twin engines in 350, 550, 850 and 1200 cc displacements. Currently SWM uses either Husqvarna or Shineray singles. Originally founded in Milan in 1971 by Piero Sironi and Fausto Vergani, SWM made Observed Trials, Enduro, Motocross and off-road motorcycles initially using Dachs engines, then Rotax engine trials bikes from 1977. The business went into liquidation in 1984. Engineer Ampelio Macchi, formerly with Cagiva, Aprilia and Husqvarna, initially drove the resurgence of the SWM brand with six new models displayed at EICMA 2014, with funding from the Shineray Group. SWM will keep manufacturing in Italy, at the old Husqvarna factory. 10 Ducati Motor Holding closed 2018 with 53,004 motorcycles delivered to customers worldwide - meaning that the 50,000-bike threshold the company has set as its benchmark, and first reached in 2015, has now been achieved four years running. A significant contribution to this result came from the success of the Panigale family, which accounted for the sale of 9,700 bikes (+70% increase on 2017), making Ducati, for the very first time, “the leader of the superbike segment with a market share of over 26%. In 2018 one superbike out of every four sold worldwide was a Ducati Panigale. “The undisputed flagship of the Panigale family is the V4, the first production Ducati motorcycle with a four-cylinder engine. In just twelve months it has set a new standard for style, technology and performance, with over 6,100 motorcycles delivered across the globe. “Equally successful was the Multistrada family - 11,829 motorcycles sold in 2018, thanks in large part to the addition of the new Multistrada 1260 - with 6,569 bikes sold (+25%). Compared to the 2017 sales data (55,871 bikes sold), Ducati experienced a drop of -5% against the backdrop of an over 500 cc motorcycle “With over 6,100 V4s delivered, the Panigale family accounted for 9,700 bikes (+70% increase on 2017), making Ducati the leader of the superbike segment for the very first time with a market share of over 26%” market that shrank by some 3%. “While 2018 was challenging for the big motorcycle market, with slowdowns in important countries like the US, by the end of the year Ducati had delivered over 53,000 bikes to customers worldwide, consolidating the growth achieved in recent years”, stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding. “In 2018 we achieved stability, and the year was positive both in terms of business and racing. We won numerous MotoGP races and developed an exceptional bike. In short, the solidity of the company remains undisputed, as does our penchant for driving ahead with Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding: “While 2018 was challenging for the big motorcycle market, with slowdowns in important countries like the US, by the end of the year Ducati had delivered over 53,000 bikes to customers worldwide, consolidating the growth achieved in recent years” INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 innovation and product development so we can, over the coming years, continue offering customers new icons of style and technology.” “To rise to new market challenges,” added Francesco Milicia, Global Sales Director, “we’re working to make our sales network more efficient than ever. For 2019 we’ve also overhauled the Scrambler 800 range - which, among other things, has received a major active safety boost in the form of cornering ABS - and launched new products such as the Diavel 1260 and Hypermotard 950. The Multistrada family saw the arrival of the 1260 Enduro and 950 S, giving customers a wider choice than ever. “Lastly, we’ve introduced the V4 R, the most powerful, highest-tech superbike ever built by Ducati, to provide a foundation for renewed competitiveness in the WorldSBK championship. Needless to say, it’s already proved to be a big hit with Ducatisti. In total, we’re talking about nine new models that allow us to look to the future with confidence.” In Italy growth proved to be solid (+4.5%), reaching 9,200 bikes, and returning Italy to being Ducati’s largest market. Spain also performed strongly with 2,444 motorcycles sold (+8%), with further growth seen in Japan with 1,941 bikes (+2%) and Switzerland with 1,276 bikes (+2.2%). Bike deliveries in the USA - historically Ducati’s number one market - totalled 7,843, the drop in sales reflecting a - 9% downturn across the US 500+cc sector. In Asian markets Ducati continues to ride the upward trend, especially in China (+29%) where a new direct subsidiary has been established and the sales network has expanded from 19 to 23 dealerships.