International Dealer News IDN 144 August/September 2018 - Page 9

STAT ZONE Japanese made motorcycle exports to Europe -11.8 percent for first five months of 2018 Japanese Exports to Europe - January-May 2018 2017 Japanese Exports to America - January-May 2018 2018 2017 2018 TOTAL TOTA AL A LP PTW -11.81% MOTORCYCLE MOTORC CYCLE C were -6.38 percent worldwide (203,995 units). For the full year 2017, Japanese motorcycle exports to Europe were +15.83 percent at 208,823 units - the strongest since 2008; worldwide they were +12.39 percent at 362,558 units - their strongest since 2009. The increasing number of units 60,000 -8.10% TOTAL TOTA AL A LP PTW being made by the Japanese manufacturers elsewhere in Asia, the US and South/Central America goes some way to providing historical context for the data, though the majority of higher value larger displacement Japanese brand machines, especially those being sold in Europe, are still -14.69% 20,000 40,000 107,117 -9.28% 80,000 The latest data released by JAMA (the automotive trade 160,000 association in Japan) shows exports of Japanese made motorcycles to Europe 120,000 down by -12.33 percent in May (11.307 units) and running at 80,000 -11.81 percent for the five months of 2018 (101,164 units). 40,000 Exports of Japanese made motorcycles to USA for May were -21.40 percent (4,312 units) and tracking at -7.66 percent (30,049 units) for the first five months, with worldwide exports -8.11 percent (166,870 units). Total Japanese manufactured PTW exports to Europe were -5.01 percent for May (13,305 units) and are -9.28 percent for the first five months of 2018 (107,117 units); -8.10 percent YTD for USA (42,691 units); and MOTORCYCLE made in Japan. Their overseas factories are primarily engaged in making and selling scooters and smaller capacity units in 'emerging' markets (where import tariffs are high) and in making ATV/UTV units - especially in the United States, where demand for such machines is strongest.