International Dealer News IDN 144 August/September 2018 - Page 7

STAT ZONE Polish new motorcycle registrations +1.59 percent for first six months Polish motorcycle registrations - Swedish motorcycle registrations - January - June 2018 2017 Total PTW +4.31% 5,000 -0.59% 15,000 10,000 2018 MOTORCYCLE January-May 2018 2017 2018 -3.99% 60,000 40,000 owned vehicles (from elsewhere in Europe) that are receiving their first domestic Polish registration; these machines provide valuable service, maintenance and PG&A income for Poland’s franchised and independent motorcycle shops and the vendors they buy from. Used motorcycles receiving their first registration in Poland were +18.60 percent in May and +2.82 percent in June and are running at +8.01 percent (36,773 units) for the first six months. Used mopeds are -2.73 percent YTD (4,659 units), with total used PTWs +2.07 percent in June (8,599 units) and +6.69 percent for the YTD (41,432 units). The total of new and used motorcycles combined was The latest data from the motorcycle industry trade association in Poland (PZPM) shows sales of new motorcycles recovering in the second quarter, with sales +1.59 percent (1,986 units) in June (+9.44 percent in April and -0.45 percent in May). For the first six months of 2018 new motorcycle sales have recovered from a poor start to the year to be -7.02 percent (8,332 units). New mopeds are -33.19 perce nt YTD (8,412 units), with total new PTW registrations for the six months to June 2018 at -22.31 percent (16,744 units). However, new model registrations are only ever part of the story where the Polish market is concerned. Poland is an important market for pre- 20,000 NEW & USED PTW -21.31% 16,744 NEW PTW registrations recovering after a soft spring at -3.66 percent (58,176 units) YTD. +4.88 percent for the first half of 2018 (45,105 units), with total new and used PTW Sweden: motorcycles +4.31 percent for first six months With moped registrations down by - 20.51 percent in June and running at -4.70 percent YTD (7,479 units), the overall PTW market in Sweden for the first six months of 2018, the small cc Euro 4 to Euro 4 transition that kicked in with January 2018 continues to keep the overall PTW market suppressed, but a very good snowmobile market (+15 percent at 10,878 units) has kept the powersports industry in Sweden “in shape”. Having been +30.76 percent for May (2,032 units), the latest data available from the motorcycle industry trade association in Sweden (McRF) shows new motorcycle registrations at +5.81 percent for June (1,329 units) and tracking at +4.31 percent (6,870 units) for the first six months of the year. Having been +18.66 percent (4,292 units) for May, new registrations of all PTWs in Sweden were tracking at -0.59 (14,349 units) for the first six months of the year. Austria: Q2 motorcycles +22.69 percent Austrian motorcycle registrations - January-June 2018 2017 2018 32,000 8,000 +10.59% TOTAL PTW 16,000 -3.75% 24,000 BMW is second (1,219 units sold, 12.24 percent share), Honda third (1,095 units/11.00 percent share), followed by Yamaha (1,051 units) and Harley- Davidson (809 units). Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Suzuki, Ducati and Triumph complete the top ten. In 2017, new motorcycle, scooter and moped registrations totalled 40,744 units, which was -6.60 percent down on 2016 (43,621 units), which saw the highest number of new registrations in Austria since 2012 (46,047 units); The latest data released by the motorcycle trade association in Austria (Arge2Rad) shows registrations of new motorcycles up by +22.69 percent in the second quarter at 7,342 units sold, with the half year tracking at +10.59 percent (9,959 units). PTWs were up by +6.66 percent for Q2 (17,754 units) and are -3.75 percent for the YTD (23,417 units). In its home market, KTM is motorcycle market share leader, having sold 2,305 units for a 23.14 percent market share. MOTORCYCLE INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 7