International Dealer News IDN 144 August/September 2018 - Page 42

PRO GuIDe GPX 3.5 moto neck brace from Leatt Cape Town, South Africa based Leatt - inventors of the Leatt Brace - first announced its new Leatt GPX 3.5 neck brace at the end of last year. The company now says that the award-winning design, including the Junior version, is now available worldwide. The lightest neck brace in the Leatt range, the 3.5 is over 30% lighter than the existing 5.5 model, and features a unique combination of in-moulded EPS construction with a polyamide core, similar to that found in high-performance helmets. The 5.5 and 6.5 Leatt neck brace mo dels offer a more custom fit than the 3.5. However, the semi-rigid chassis is still adjustable to fit most riders’ body shapes. Like all previous Leatt neck brace models, the GPX 3.5 is CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment and has been lab-tested and proven to reduce neck forces, thereby said to lower the chances of a serious neck injury by up to 47%. LEATT CORPORATION Durbanville, SOUTH AFRICA Tel: +27 (0)21 557 7257 V37 hard side case Celebrating its 40th anniversary, GIVI’s new Monokey side case has many new features, including a modern, sleek design, a striking central insert and a storage capacity able to accommodate the majority of modular helmets currently on the market. The V37 evolved from the V35, GIVI’s most popular hard side case. The V37’s design features a central insert reminiscent of an arrow, painted in opaque silver or with a carbon look finish. These finishes match the stripes or inserts of most of GIVI’s top cases. Features include a 37 litre internal storage capacity, a Monokey side four-point fixing system compatible with the GIVI PLX and PLXR frames, strengthened and passing the most stringent resistance tests. The upper part of the case has two rotating hooks that clip onto the tubular frame and the central nose; the lower part has two slides that accommodate the mushroom-shaped dome screws on the tubular frame. The ergonomic design allows pillion passengers to better position their legs. The V37 is sold in pairs, can store loads of up to 10 kg and is supplied with a security lock as standard. Size is 325 x 385 x 570 mm (L x H x D) and comes with red or smoked retro reflectors. GIVI S.R.L. Flero (BS), ITALY Tel: +39 030 358 1253 Bobber sidecar mounting kit Triumph's Bonneville has been a firm favourite with sidecar enthusiasts since its launch in 2001, and British sidecar specialist Watsonian Squire has a new kit available allowing any of their sidecar designs to be mounted on the popular Triumph Bobber. Designed and made in Watsonian's UK factory, the Bobber kit consists of four attachment arms, tailored to ensure optimum load paths and triangulation for the sidecar – essential for a stable and secure outfit. The kit is suitable for all models in the current Watsonian range, from the lightweight Meteor on a platform chassis to the wide-body GP700, sitting in a perimeter frame. The Bobber is pictured fitted to a Watsonian Grand Prix, which has been in production since the 1960s and can trace its design back to the Watsonian Sports sidecar of 1930. 42 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS WATSONIAN-SQUIRE LTD Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK Tel: +44 (0)1386 700 907