International Dealer News IDN 144 August/September 2018 - Page 36

PRO GuIDe ‘Siachen’ cooling vest With the aim of not giving up security and preserving the highest level of comfort, the UFO Plast developed ‘Siachen’ evaporative cooling vest reduces thermal stress and fatigue without using chemicals or preventive refrigeration, ensuring a pleasant feeling of coolness and better performance. Featuring INUTEQ- DRY technology, the gilet does not moisten or get wet, is comfortable, lightweight, fully fashioned and can be worn under other clothes. Very simple to use by simply inserting 0.5 litre of fresh water into the opening on the back, closing it again, draining the water so that it is channelled in all the internal parts and expels any excess before wearing it. In this way it provides up to 15C/59F cooling relief below ambient temperature. The INUTEQ-DRY cooling products are designed to be worn in an environment with an ambient temperature that is not extreme and perform best in low to medium humidity. The level of airflow on the body determines the cooling effect and a cooling duration that can last up to three days. Once the cooling effect is finished, just insert new fresh water into the vest. The UFO Plast ‘Siachen’ vest is very easy to use and re-use and, for proper cleaning, has antibacterial properties and is machine washable. UFO PLAST S.R.L. Bientina (PI), ITALY Tel: +39 0587 488012 Pinasco shock absorbers and crankshaft assembly Our thanks to Venice area scooter parts specialist Bettella for information about two of its new Pinasco programme stock replacement upgrades for late model Lambretta and Vespa applications. The LI-TV3/DL/Special rear shock absorber series are a double action design that “represents the technological developments in the field of adjustable suspension that European standards require”. Made with the highest quality materials, Pinasco shock absorbers feature adjustable CNC machined rings and chrome plated, double action steel springs. With an adjusting millimetric ring, the suspension is able to preload the spring and to create a calibration compression which changes according to the needs of the rider. The company says that “these shock absorbers are the perfect combination of sportiness and riding pleasure and give amazing feeling, comfort, performance and maximum safety.. Also seen here, this replacement crankshaft for T5 Vespa models is an “upgraded and powerful new design” with a 52 mm stroke, new displacement and 36 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 durable, high-performance PTFE inserts that are said to increase the pressure at the low rpms demanded of urban and heavy traffic riding. PINASCO/BETTELLA Limena (PD), ITALY Tel: +39 049 767472