International Dealer News IDN 144 August/September 2018 - Page 31

PRO GuIDe BS15 fully automatic charger Leading battery expert Benjamin Sebban, of Paris based BS Battery International fame, says the new BS15 that his company has developed is “the most practical battery charger for motorcycle batteries”. Described as a smart, high performance, safe and ergonomic design (complete with a handy folding hook), it has “all the features that dealers need from a contemporary smart charger - it cannot be used incorrectly. This charger will always deliver a good charge and even recondition old batteries”. It is a fully automatic 8-stage smart charger delivering 1.5 amp that is able to recover tired, deeply discharged or sulphated batteries. The multi-axis, ergonomically designed integrated hook allows the BS15 to be hung anywhere (including the bike itself) as it can be rotated 360 degrees on its horizontal axis and 180 degrees vertically. Compatible with all kinds of lead acid batteries - GEL, AGM, DRY or Calcium batteries, it is delivered with an isolated BS clamp and fused ring connection set. The BS15 is available in seven different colourways, so there is a match for most primary manufacturer signature colours. BS BATTERY SAS Suresnes, FRANCE Tel: +33 1 83 62 45 60 Dirt bike Flex series footpegs New from MIZU in Germany, these 8-way adjustable dirt bike Flex series footpegs for the current Crosser and Enduro bikes from KTM and Suzuki are made in high quality steel. Anodised, with two types of stainless steel inserts, they have a 33 mm step joint; available in silver and black, with the step joint kit in silver. MIZU, Germany, INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 31