International Dealer News IDN 144 August/September 2018 - Page 24

GUIDE Off-road levers Accessories specialist Puig has launched its Motocross range, a new line of specific products for off-road models, with these off-road levers. The success of Puig's levers 2.0 has led to the development of a specific off-road lever for motocross motorcycles, which feature an exclusive design and have been developed to adapt to all riding situations, with a longer left lever to operate the clutch with four fingers and a shorter right lever to use with three fingers. Made of aluminium and available in black, they have a pivot design to swing forward, preventing the possibility of deformation or breakage in the event of a crash. The levers are also adjustable. Puig supplies the off-road levers with the necessary hardware for installation. MOTOPLASTIC/PUIG Granollers (BCN), SPAIN Tel: +34 93 849 0633 PBR ‘Mecdraulic’ assembly kit The ‘Mecdraulic’ is an exclusive assembly kit developed by Italian specialist PBR Sprockets, designed to turn the classic clutch with wire into a system with a hydraulic control. In addition to its low cost and ease of assembly, this kit is said to deliver a smoother clutch lever action, with less resistance and pressure, meaning reduced lever effort, excellent modulation, total reliability and zero maintenance due to its self-registering design. The use of two specific pumps means it is perfectly adaptable to road and off-road motorcycles and is also available in a radial version combined with a hydraulic brake pump. PBR SPROCKETS Osteria Grande (BO), ITALY Tel: +39 051 946746 E-mail: Top-End Piston Kit Developed by VP Italy to make the repairing process of 2 and 4 stroke off-road bikes easier, more practical and economical, its Top-End Piston Kit range has been further expanded to adapt to even more motorcycles, including all 2018 models. Kits for 2 stroke bikes include piston (replica or race), top-end gasket kit and wrist pin bearing. The 4 stroke kits include piston (replica or high compression), top-end gasket kit and free cam chain. VP says these kits have the advantage of including all the required parts to update and renew the thermal section of the 24 engine at a very convenient cost. In particular, by purchasing the Top-End Piston Kit for 2 stroke bikes, you spend more than 10% less than what you would spend purchasing every single product. VERTEX PISTONS/VP ITALY S.R.L. Reggio Emilia, ITALY Tel: +39 0522 918811 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018