International Dealer News IDN 143 June/July 2018 - Page 8

STAT ZONE UK motorcycle registrations +2.09 percent January - April 2018 year to date; Adventure Sports models are the second most popular with 6,039 units sold YTD; 5,971 Scooters have been sold far in 2018; 2,847 custom style machines and 2,790 Supersports models. Honda was the top selling brand in the UK in April (1,562 units sold), followed by Yamaha, Triumph, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, H-D, Suzuki and Ducati. The top-selling Adventure Sport model in April was the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure; leading Sport/Tourer was the Kawasaki Z1000 SX, and the top selling Tourer was the BMW R 1200 RT. The MCIA reports that the total number of road registered motorcycles in use has continued to grow, with the latest available figures (2016) putting the market at 1.27m units with 4.6 billion km/2.8 billion miles estimated to have been ridden in the UK in 2016. The number of motorcycle tests being passed has continued to grow with 2016/17 put at 40,600, up from 37,500 in 2014/16, 34,5000 in 2014/15 and just 30,500 in 2013/14. UK registrations - January-April 2018 2018 2017 40,000 +0.46% +2.09% 20,000 33,399 30,000 The latest data released by the MCIA in the UK (Motorcycle Industry Association) shows new motorcycle registrations in March down by -10.45 percent (8,724 units) despite having been up by +6.67 percent in March at 14,737 units; they are tracking at +2.09 percent for the YTD at 32,079 units. The UK market was reported at -18.52 percent at 96,943 units for 2017. However, because of the Euro 3/Euro 4 carry-over effects, the UK trade association is on record as thinking that, in reality, the market was essentially flat in 2017 at between -2.5 and + 2.5 percent. Total PTW registrations were -11.55 percent in April (9,095 units) and are +0.46 percent for the YTD (33,551 units). Moped registrations are -25.5 percent YTD (1,472 units). ‘Naked’ style bikes remain the most popular in the UK at 9,851 units for the 10,000 TOTAL PTW MOTORCYCLE Sweden: Q1 motorcycle registrations -32.83 percent The latest data available from the motorcycle industry trade association in Sweden (McRF) shows new motorcycle registrations being -46.16 percent in March and -32.83 percent (1,420 units) for the first three months of the year. With moped registrations down by -16.44 percent for Q1, total new PTW registrations were down by -36.75 percent in March (1,616 units) and were tracking at -25.72 percent for Q1 (2,772 units). For the McRF, Niklas Kristoffersson said that the extensive winter (and probably Easter timing too) was to blame, with March usually the month that sees sales start in Sweden properly for the season ahead. On the upside, the volume of snow has seen the snowmobile market receive a boost, growing by +17 percent to 10,614 units for the first quarter of 2018. Japanese Q1 +250 cc exports to Europe -5.71 percent 8 and -4.60 percent for Q1 (70,174 units); +0.48 percent YTD for USA (28,647 units) and were -0.27 percent worldwide (135,410 units). For the full year 2017, Japanese motorcycle exports to Europe were +15.83 percent at 208,823 units - the strongest since 2008; worldwide they were +12.39 percent at 362,558 units 2017 Japanese Exports to America - January-March 2018 2018 2017 -4.60% 60,000 -4.84% TOTAL TOTA AL A L PT PTW MOTORCY