International Dealer News IDN 143 June/July 2018 - Page 32

PRO GuIDe VStream Windscreens for the G310GS, Z1000SX Ninja Maywood, Illinois based manufacturer National Cycle/ZTechnik now has VStream Windscreens in three different sizes and tints for the new 2017-18 BMW G310GS. This means there is a perfectly sized windscreen for almost every rider, short to tall. All will offer improved wind protection and riding comfort compared to OEM or other aftermarket windscreens. “Though the smallest member of the GS family, riders will appreciate the big bike wind protection and performance these windscreens offer”. ZTechnik makes these new VStream Windscreens from tough polycarbonate and applies their proprietary Quantum hardcoating for superior scratch resistance. “This material will outperform any other mot orcycle windshield material on the market”. VStream Windscreens are easy to install and protected against breakage by a three-year warranty; available for the G310GS in 14.25”, dark tint; 16.88” mid-size in light tint and 19.38” (tall) in clear. Also seen here for the Z1000SX Ninja, VStream gets its name from its unique patented shape. The advanced “V” profile and dimensional contours “push the wind vortex out and away from the rider's helmet, resulting in a peaceful, quiet riding environment”. The high quality, tough Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques “provide outstanding clarity and strength characteristics that are unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide”. Described as “the material of choice for serious motorcycle riders”, Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate is said to have “impact resistance 20 times greater than windscreens on the market made from commonly used acrylic or "aircraft plastic”, with the best scratch resistance in the world”. Designed around the original mounts of the Z1000SX, full OEM adjustability and lock-to-lock handlebar clearance is retained at all points. Easy to install, they are protected against breakage by a three-year warranty. Available in three heights and tint/clear options. National Cycle products are distributed worldwide, including throughout Europe and Asia. NATIONAL CYCLE INC. Maywood, Illinois, USA Tel: +1 708 343 0400 Ferodo new Ceramic Grip race compound Ferodo Racing, official technical partner of the Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team, has launched a new range of CPRO brake pads for circuit racing that incorporate their new CPRO friction material - a compound originally developed by Ferodo for GT car racing that uses the latest formulation techniques and technology. Seen here is Sandro Cortese of the Kallio Racing team competing in the World Supersport Championship, and Ferodo says the new pads “are currently being used in championships at world level, with riders winning several podium finishes”. The company says that its Ceramic Grip racing range provides the performance and modulation required by the world’s best riders with excellent bite and low disc wear properties on stainless steel and cast iron discs. Sandro Cortese, Kallio Racing team, competing in the World Supersport Championship Photo credit: Robert Murdoch According to Ferodo’s extensive lab and track testing results, the compound delivers top rated friction level performance when hot, top rated bite, controllability and disc life with excellent bite and very good wet braking response and reliability. FEDERAL MOGUL ITALY S.R.L. RACING & MOTORCYCLE DIVISION Mondovi (CN), ITALY Tel: +39 0174 560511 32 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - JUNE/JULY 2018