International Dealer News IDN 143 June/July 2018 - Page 26

PRO GuIDe Honda X-ADV ‘Featherlight’ cable and accessorised brake line upgrades for by Kappa Tracer 700 British manufacturer Venhill Engineering, internationally well known for its leading OE replacement ‘Featherlight’ cable and brake line programme, has added brake line and control cable upgrade kits for the popular Yamaha Tracer 700. A direct replacement for the factory-fitted versions, Venhill’s ‘Featherlight’ throttle and clutch cable specifications “offer improved performance and durability, yet require less maintenance than the original equipment”. Made in the UK using marine-grade stainless steel inner wire running through a PTFE liner for minimum friction and lighter action for enhanced feel and Kappa’s versatile new set of model-specific accessories to kit out the versatile Honda X-ADV scooter includes top cases, a windscreen, hand protectors, radiator shield and model- specific supports and tools. The factory scooter frame allows the installation of both rear and side luggage racks, which makes it ideal for touring with a passenger, and Kappa offers a choice in terms of design, capacity and style. For side luggage there is the “adventurous” ‘GARDA’ models, in 33 or 46 litre capacities, the K40N for the road, or the urban K22N. Any ‘Garda’ case can be mounted to the rear, and Kappa says that the K466 is recommended for a “street look”. The side and rear luggage plates for the X-ADV enable the whole Kappa range of cases to be mounted, including the “squared” KVENTURE in aluminium. There are two top case installation kits, and if the X-ADV already has a luggage rack, there is the KR1156 or KZ1156 kit. Also available are two kits to attach the side cases (KL1158 and KL1156). The KD1156ST transparent windshield provides increased wind protection against the wind (65 x 40 cm, 13 cm higher than stock), and the KHP1144 hand protectors in ABS provide increased protection; the KRM02 spray guard couples to the rear wheel using the RM1156 kit. The KN1156 engine guard is made of 25 mm tubing. The PR1156 plate protects the radiator, a stainless steel grill painted black, and the KMG1156 mudguard in black ABS is “more enveloping than the previous one and designed to protect the internal part of the wheel - its elongated upper shape protects the end of the drive chain”. Other model-specific accessories include a tool box and mounting kit and an anodised aluminium and stainless steel support to increase the surface area of the X-ADV factory standard side stand. KAPPA S.R.L. Brescia, ITALY Tel: +39 030 2680374 26 control, the riding experience is said to be improved with reduced pressure on the hands, especially in stop- start traffic and on long rides. Each cable is ‘bird-caged' – a special process applied to the end of the inner cable wire which allows solder to penetrate the weave of t he cable, making the bond with the nipple much stronger. The PTFE lining also removes the need for lubrication. Venhill Powerhose Plus braided brake lines feature a heat resistant DuPont Teflon core which reduces softening, expansion and deformation, resulting in more efficient and reliable fluid flow to the calipers and increased braking force compared to the originals. Stainless steel braid is wrapped around the core to prevent further pressure expansion. All Venhill braided brake hoses exceed German TÜV and American DOT requirements, with every hose that leaves their UK factory pressure tested to 1500psi. VENHILL ENGINEERING Dorking, Surrey, UK Tel: +44 1306 885111 Original 2018 and vintage plastics kits Italian off-road specialist UFO Plast has become well known for their riding gear and accessories, but their core business has always been replica and replacement plastic components for MX machines. “The huge availability of plastics for motorcycles is one of the workhorses of our production,” says Vito Consoloni, UFO Plast CEO. “We have OE replacement and upgrade plastics and components available for more models than any other manufacturer in the world, because we have been producing spare parts for all the most important off- road brands and models in the world since 1987”. The original UFO plastic line for Japanese off- road motorcycles, KTM and Husqvarna has been expanded with versions dedicated to Motocross and Enduro 2018 models. “Characterised by double injection technology and high-quality materials, together with state-of-the-art production based entirely in Italy, kits include front and rear fenders, front number plates, side panels, fork slider protectors, air box filter panels and radiator covers. The kits are available in different colours, from OEM colours through to the fluo, and in some versions with designs and stylised INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - JUNE/JULY 2018 Honda vintage kit stickers. The company also produces the widest range of original plastics dedicated to Enduro motorcycles and vintage cross motorcycles starting from 1987. UFO PLAST S.R.L. Bientina (PI), ITALY Tel: +39 0587 488012 Fluo kit for Honda CRF 2018