International Dealer News IDN 143 June/July 2018 - Page 25

PRO GuIDe Scottoiler xSystem electronic chain oiler Motorcycle chain lubrication specialist Scottoiler is launching a new electronic chain oiling system – the xSystem. The company says the xSystem is their “easiest to install and most user-friendly system to date”. Featuring what Scottoiler describes as a “revolutionary new design that offers user-friendly features such as one-touch adjustment” it is a “compact package that provides optimal chain lubrication for all riding conditions”. Sales & Marketing Director Nick Muddle says: “We are very excited to be bringing another new product to the market. The xSystem is a new electronic chain oiler that perfectly fills the gap between our flagship mechanically operated vSystem and our premium eSystem. “The xSystem provides customers with another option for how to deal with chain maintenance that is without doubt our best fit-and-forget solution yet. Initial orders through our distribution network have been very encouraging, and it is an exciting time for everyone at Scottoiler”. The xSystem uses a micro-processor and triple axis accelerometer to ensure the chain is lubricated automatically with minimal rider input. The new dispenser design uses “high quality super-adhesive 3M tape that sticks to all surfaces and provides an easy and effective solution for mounting the dispenser. “The new dispenser parts reduce the risk of incorrect installation and the need to use any unsightly cable ties around the swingarm. Compatible with most types of swingarms, left or right transmission systems and even single-sided swingarms, the new dispenser makes the xSystem installation easy, reliable and discreet”. Offering five different flow rate settings that approximate to 20, 50, 80, 120 and 150 seconds between each pump activation, Scottoiler says it can be adjusted at the push of a button to provide optimal lubrication whatever the riding conditions, and that it also has the ability to be switched off when not in use for extended periods, or when the bikes goes in for a service - the settings are stored in the xSystem’s memory. The company claims that regular oiling and use of their automatic systems and “low-tack” oil help keep the transmission clean and extend chain and sprocket life. SCOTTOILER LTD Glasgow, SCOTLAND Tel: +44 (0)141 955 1100 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - JUNE/JULY 2018 25