International Dealer News IDN 138 August/September 2017 - Page 23

ROAD TRIP TEST, TEST AND TEST AGAIN The Greater Barcelona and wider Catalonia region of north east Spain is well known as a hot bed of motorcycle industry manufacturing – bikes, parts and accessories of all kinds. Robin Bradley recently visited one such business, one with an international reputation and footprint – J. Juan, brake components manufacturer to more than 70 original equipment manufacturers Words by Robin Bradley A few months ago we reported that daily management of the Gava, Barcelona based J. Juan group was being passed to Jose Luis Juan as CEO. The 45-year old represented management staying within the second generation of family ownership of a business that can trace its origins back to 1947. That start was the opening of a motorcycle workshop by founder Jose J. Juan, with the incorporation of the J. Juan SA company we know today as a motorcycle control cable manufacturer in 1965. By the 1970s the business had become the market leader for control cables in Spain, and in response to the difficulties in Ñ¡”MÁ…¹¥Í µ½Ñ½Éå±”Í•Ñ½È…Ёѡ…Ð)Ñ¥µ”°(¸)Յ¸ÍхÉѕÑ¼•áÁ½ÉаÝ¥Ñ ¥Ñ́™¥ÉÍЁÕÍѽµ•ÉÌ)‰•¥¹œ!½¹‘„…¹e…µ…¡„¥¸ÕɽÁ”¸)Q¡”‘•…‘”™É½´€ÄääÀÍ…܁ɅÁ¥•áÁ…¹Í¥½¸°)•Íх‰±¥Í¡¥¹œÑ¡•µÍ•±Ù•Ì…́ÕɽÁ—Šé9Õµ‰•È=¹”+Šaݔ…É”¥¸Ñ¡”)ͅ™•Ñ䁉ÕÍ¥¹•Íϊd)%9QI9Q%=901H9]L€´UUMP½MAQ5 H€ÈÀÄÜ(ÈÌ