International Dealer News IDN 133 October/November 2016 - Page 8

STAT ZONE UK motorcycle registrations +6.91 percent for January – August inclusive UK registrations - August 2016 2016 2015 +5.99 percent in August (8,427 units) and are +5.70 percent for the year-todate (84,763), also the highest first eight-month market performance in the UK since before 2009. The Trail/Enduro, Scooter, Custom, Naked-style and Adventure Sport markets are the strongest growing sectors of the UK market so far this year, at +18.2 percent (4,318 units), +11.9 percent (17,181 units), +8.8 percent (7,182 units), +8.8 percent (23,713 units – the largest single market sector in the UK so far in 2016) and +7.5 percent (12,860 units) respectively. The small displacement scooter market is -9.8 percent for the YTD (5,053 +5.99% 10,000 TOTAL PTW units). The traditionally strong UK Supersports market is -5.2 percent YTD at 9,355 units, with Touring models down by -11.9 percent at just 1,692 units YTD. 7,611 8,427 7,951 5,000 7,135 +6.67% UNITS The latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in the UK (MCIA) shows that new motorcycle registrations for August were up by +6.67 percent (7,611 units), having been down slightly by 0.91 percent (10,620 units) in July. For the year-to-date registrations are +6.91 percent at 79,234 units – the highest comparable figure since before 2009. New moped registrations were up by +21.16 percent on low volume in August (816 units), but are down by 9.00 percent for the year-to-date (5,529 units sold so far in 2016). Total PTW registrations were up by MOTORCYCLE Market share leader in August was Honda (1,330m units), followed by Yamaha (1,181 units), Lexmoto (866), Triumph (478) and Kawasaki (460 units). Swiss registrations up in August Swiss motorcycle registrations - August 2016 2015 After having been up by over +17 percent in 2015, the latest data from the motorcycle industry trade association in Switzerland (MotoSuisse) shows new motorcycle registrations there up by +14.48 percent in August (2,087 units), having been down by -18.45 percent in July, and now down by just -5.70 percent YTD at 22,499 units. In total PTW terms the August market in Switzerland was up by +2.02 percent (4,249 units) and is recovering slightly on a year-todate basis, now being down by 2015 PTW 2,087 +14.48% 1,823 2,000 4,249 4,000 4,165 UNITS +2.02% MOTORCYCLE -8.14 percent (37,592 units). In motorcycle market share terms Yamaha has top spot, having sold 4,279 units YTD, with BMW second (2,762 units), HarleyDavidson third (2,565 units), Honda fourth (2,439 units) and Kawasaki fifth (2,197 units) yearto-date. Yamaha’s MT-07 is the top seller in Switzerland so far this year (889 units), followed by their MT09 Tracer second (779 units), Honda’s CRF 1000 ‘Africa Twin’ third, the BMW R 1200 GS fourth, and the Kawasaki Z 800 fifth. Motorcycle registrations in Spain +9.66 percent January – August 2016 8 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016 Spanish registrations - August 2016 15,000 +12.93% 2015 2016 +14.92% Total PTW Maria Riano welcomed the continued growth, but again pointed to the age of the motorcycle fleet in Spain, saying that “the current rate of registrations is insufficient to renew the fleet, whose average age stood at 10,819 9,414 5,000 12,275 10,000 10,870 units in total). For the year-to-date Honda remains market share leader in Spain, having sold 17,375 units for a 17.4 percent market share, followed by Yamaha (15,383 units, 15.4 percent share) and Kymco (12,445 units, 12.5 percent share). The top selling motorcycle in Spain in the first eight months was the Kawasaki Z800 – 2,193 units sold. Scooter sales are up by +4.0 percent so far this year and represent some 64 percent of the PTW market (63,499 units YTD). Road-going motorcycles are +22.6 percent so far in 2016, accounting for 32.5 percent of the market, and while off-roaders are +21.1 percent YTD, they only account for 3.7 percent of total PTW sales. ANESDOR General Secretary Jose UNITS According to the latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Spain (ANESDOR), the motorcycle market there was up by 14.92 percent in August (10,819 units), having been down by -8.42 percent in July. That is the highest July sales figure since 2009. The market in Spain is now running at +9.66 percent for the year-to-date at 99,882 units (the highest for the first eight months of the year since before 2009). Moped registrations in August were +17.23 percent (1,456 units) and are +2.45 percent for the first eight months of the year at 10,990 units. Total PTW registrations were +12.93 percent in August (12,275 units) and are up for 2016 so far at +8.62 percent for the year-to-date (110,870 MOTORCYCLE 14.7 years”. He has again called on central government to address the price disparity that continues to promote resale of older units relative to the tax burden carried by new models.