International Dealer News IDN 133 October/November 2016 - Page 6

STAT ZONE Japanese made motorcycle exports to Europe +20.69 percent for first seven months of 2016 Japanese Exports to the US - July 2016 Japanese Exports to Europe - July 2016 15,000 6,937 4,224 TOTAL L PTW MOTORCYCLE (196,777 units). Total worldwide Japanese manufactured PTW exports are +3.30 percent for the first seven months of 2016 at 254,485 units. The increasing number of units being made by the Japanese manufacturers elsewhere in Asia, the US and South/Central America goes some way to explaining the data, though the majority of higher value larger 3,907 MOTORCYCLE displacement Japanese brand machines, especially those being sold in Europe, are still made in Japan. Their overseas factories are primarily engaged in making and selling scooters and smaller capacity units in 'emerging' markets (where import tariffs are high) and in making ATV/UTV units - especially in the United States, where demand for such machines is strongest. Swedish motorcycle registrations - Year-to-date 2015 2016 +29.42% 3,000 2,000 1,000 +6.25% 736 2,707, putting the Swedish market at 22,766 total PTWs. Next year's MCMassan Swedish motorcycle show will be held in Stockholm from 26 to 29 January 2017. 7,009 Total PTW 782 8,518 -7.50% 5,000 UNITS 17,928 units in total; moped registrations were +41.44 percent in Sweden in August (2,007 units) and are +14.89 percent for the year-to-date (9,407 percent). For the full-year 2015 motorcycle sales were up by +14.4 percent at 9,424 units, with mopeds +22.8 percent at 10,635 units and all categories of MotoCross models worth an additional +1.04% 2,789 total – the best first seven months for Japanese made PTW exports to Europe since 2010. Motorcycle shipments from Japan to the USA were -7.50 percent in July (3,907 units) and are -5.31 percent for the year-to-date at 42,720 units; worldwide Japanese made motorcycle exports were -9.47 percent in July (17,146 units), but are +3.36 percent for the year-to-date 10,000 2,155 TOTAL TOTA AL A LP PTW 7,531 11,147 +13.11% 9,865 5,000 UNITS +13.00% 10,000 Swedish motorcycle sales +7.28 percent for first eight months The latest data from McRF, the Swedish motorcycle industry trade association, shows new motorcycle registrations at +6.25 percent (782 units) for August 2016 and +7.28 percent for the first eight months of the year (8,521 units). In total PTW terms August was +29.42 percent (2,789 units,) with registrations +11.14 percent for the year-to-date at 2016 2015 2016 2015 15,000 UNITS The latest data released by JAMA (the automotive trade association in Japan, which includes representation of motorcycle manufacturers among its membership) shows exports of 250cc+ Japanese made motorcycles to Europe in July up by +13.11 percent (8,518 units), having been down by -3.3 percent in June, and up by +20.69 percent for the first seven months of 2016 (112,073 units). This is the best first seven-month performance since 2010. For the full year 2015 European motorcycle imports from Japan were down by 3.65 percent at some 151,000 units. Japanese manufactured total PTW exports to Europe were +13.00 percent in July at 11,147 units, having been +4.93 percent in June at 11,175 units. They are running at +20.66 percent for the first seven months of 2016 at 121,847 units in MOTORCYCLE Polish new motorcycle registrations still down for the year-to-date According to the latest statistics released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Poland (PZPM), the number of new motorcycles registered there in August was down by -6.86 percent on low volumes (2,023 units) after having been down by -14.71 percent in July, and remain down for the year-to-date by -6.14 percent, at 17,706 units. However, apart from being down some 1,100 units on the first eight months of 2015, this is the best January to August new motorcycle registrations market performance in Poland since before 2006. Total new PTW sales were down slightly in August, but at just -0.37 6 percent (compared to -14.53 percent in July) the year-to-date overall new registrations position continues to improve on a year-to-date basis, being down by -12.02 percent through August at 36,736 new units. New moped sales were up in August in Poland for the first time this year (+4.38 percent, 3,100 units) and are continuing to improve on a year-todate basis, being down by 16.86 percent for the period January to August 2016 (19,030 units). However, new model registrations are only part of the story where the Polish market is concerned. Poland is an important market for used vehicles – the number of used motorcycles INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS