International Dealer News IDN 133 October/November 2016 - Page 48

news ROOM NEWS BRIEFS Suzuki has sold all the 13,690,000 shares that it owned in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The projected total transaction price of 52.7 billion yen (3,852 yen per share) would yield Suzuki a 46.8 billion yen profit. Polaris Industries expects total company sales of all vehicles for the full year 2016 to be down in the mid to high single digit percent range compared to previously issued guidance of flat to down two percent. This year continues to be the best ever for BMW Motorrad, with August sales up by +5.7% compared with the same month last year (9,238 units) and year-to-date sales rising by +2.5%. A total of 103,829 motorcycles and maxiscooters were delivered to customers in the first eight months of the year. These results come after a -2.7% dip in sales in July (13,792 units). JAMA has announced dates for the 2017 45th Tokyo Motor Show - October 27 (Friday) through November 5 (Sunday) - at Tokyo Big Sight, in the Ariake district of Tokyo's Kotoku. October 27 (Friday) will be a Preview Day, offering limited attendance to purchasers of Preview Day tickets, ahead of the show's opening to the general public on October 28 (Saturday). German parts specialist Team Metisse has added to its extensive range of over 500 TUV approved lowering kit options with applications for the Triumph Explorer 1200 with electronic, semiactive suspension (XCA, XCX, XRT and XRX) that lower the bike by 35mm, and for the Yamaha Tracer 700 (25, 40 and 60mm) and BMW G310R. 48 AIMExpo moving from Orlando, Florida, to Columbus, Ohio, for 2017 The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) has revealed its plan to move “North America’s premier powersports trade show” to a new host city in 2017, with The Greater Columbus Convention Centre (GCCC) at Columbus, Ohio, to be the chosen venue for the event from 2017. The show is to remain a 4-day expo, but will be held a month earlier than its current mid-October slot in September – with September 21-24 booked for 2017. Owned and operated since 2015 by the Motorcycle Industry Council in the United States (MIC), the organisers are saying that “geographically, Columbus is ideally placed, with 41 percent of both franchised and independent dealerships in the U.S. located within a 500-mile radius [of Columbus], including major markets like Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, and more. “Ohio’s state capital is also the 15thlargest city in the country, and consistently ranks among the top cities for business growth”. The move also continues the US powersports industry’s tradition of staging its most popular trade events in the Mid-West, with Advanstar’s now closed Dealer News International Powersports Expo having been held at Cincinnati, Ohio, for many years before it moved to Indianapolis, and Easyrider’s Events’ V-Twin Expo being staged at Cincinnati since its inception. “The key questions are ‘Why Move’, and ‘Why Columbus’,” said Larry Little, Vice President and General Manager, (Photo: Greater Columbus Convention Center) INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016 (Photo courtesy: AIMExpo. “When we debuted AIMExpo as a new platform for the powersports industry, Orlando proved an outstanding launch location, but the vision was always to visit other geographical centres. Carefully listening to the exhibitor and greater industry community, it was clear that our next step would be to a location more immediately accessible to the retailer population”. “Why Columbus?” Mike Webster, Senior Vice President, MIC Events, added: “Ideally situated among one of the highest concentrations of dealers anywhere in America, the Greater Columbus Convention Centre is the perfect size for AIMExpo to take over the whole convention centre and to own the town. The city centre location and adjoining hotels will deliver the tightknit industry experience attendees have also requested. Columbus is a model of urban revitalisation, and the ‘aftershow’ atmosphere with hundreds of restaurants, bars and markets, all within just a few blocks, must be seen and experienced to be appreciated”. Since its inception in 2013,AIMExpo has shown impressive growth ea YX\[ܛ[ܚYK] M[]›[YۚYX[ܛ]H܂X[\Y\][ۜ[ܙX\[ L\[\]\[\YX\]\]YX[ݙH[ MB\\\X[Y[ۈ܈X[\\H\\H\Hܛ][Y\و\YX\&\HRP^\]'[Yو^X]ܜ[\BH]\H\ܝ[\H\ٙ\]RSQ^[ܛ[ؙ\LLM'[Y][ۈ]X][\H]\[ݘ][ۜZ[\YۈH܋[[^[]B[[XH]ܜRSQ^˜][Y\[]HHܝ[]H˜ۛX]\Y]B[\H]\\]ܚ[™][[HX[\][Y\[ZBY[YHوH[\[[Y\X[[HوH\ܝX[\[Z[\\[YH\ܝ\[\\[HYH^\قRSQ^ؙ\ L[ M8'K˘Z[Y^\KB