International Changchun Daily August 2013 - Page 5

He likes doing sports very much, and thus, he goes to gym to work out regularly, especially parallel bars, which makes his muscles very strong. He does it practically every day. When we asked his favorite Chinese TV series, he showed us a photo of a Chinese sitcom called ” 我的经济适用男 ”,which has been very hot recently. He told us he can practice his Chinese skills when watching the Chinese TV series. Turkmenistan is a conservative country, so he can’t really understand the culture here. He felt very awkward after seeing the Chinese girls with very short or mini skirts. He told us the girls in his country don’t dress so openly as ours. He has also planned his future very well. He said he w [Yܚ[H[\H\[H\[[\]\H[HܘYX][HܝX\ܛX[[]\]H[[K[Y\]H[[\Z[[[]\]HوY[H XH܈HX[܈YܙYK[][]\]KH[XZ܈[[ܛX][ۈ[[][X][ۈ[[Y\[[XH[X\\]ܚ]HY[Hو\]\[[Y\[˂