International Changchun Daily August 2013 - Page 4

“I was very excited at that time; it seemed that I got the meaning of living my life.” Mekan said, smiling shyly. After some preparation, he stepped into this land with curiousity and timidity. “It was on 27, August, 2 0 1 2 …” h e r e c a l l e d , c l e a r ly re m e m b e r i n g the first day he came to the Northeast Normal University. “It was much chillier than my country, and I spent the longest winter in my life.” All the environmental factors here are so different, but the hardest thing was the language. He realized that he must do his utmost to get rid of this trouble, so he practices Chinese every day, such as having a short talk with Chinese people through WeChat. After several months’ hardwork, he passed the HSK examination. He got 263 points out of the full 300 points. After he talking about this experience, we were very proud of him and all the admiration arrived to him at once. “I cannot get used to the Chinese cuisine here, but I find the dumplings are apparently my cup of tea. I only eat dumplings and roasted meat with rice, sometimes the chafing dish without pepper is OK.” he said disappointedly.