International Changchun Daily August 2013 - Page 3

Since high school, Mekan Orazmyradov, a handsome boy who comes from Turkmenistan, has long harbored a dream of entering a prestigious university of higher learning in his country. After he failed the national entrance examination in his own country five times, he decided to seek a part-time job as a computer programmer. When he was working in the school, he had become crazy about the computer science. Mekan Orazmyradov--A Foreigner’s Chinese Story Then, one day his father, a physics teacher in the high school, suggested to him, “How about going abroad to further your study?” Having talked with his father, he made the decision to quit the job and set his sights on the examination for further study in China. "At that time, I told myself that even if I can’t pass all the examinations required, at least I’ve tried. Maybe I’ll be the one to walk in the university and enjoy the serene and tranquil ambiance out there in China." says the 19-year-old. Unfortunately, he did not pass the exam for the first time. Actually, the examination, which included many subjects, such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, English, as well as history, was pretty hard for him. However, he did not give up and decided to try again. All the efforts he’d made finally bore fruit and this time, and he got the chance to come China.