International Changchun Daily August 2013 - Page 2

GouHua NianLun, a restaurant combining art, literature, friends, music, private dishes, along with pretty inviting ambience, is a cultural salon adjacent to NENU(Northeast Normal University) Jingyue campus. It provides private service for get-together especially for college students, which will surely bring you the comforts and satisfaction as well as the happiness. Here in GouHua NianLun, you can easily get access to art, appreciate literature, catch up, enjoy music, learn about cooking and so on. GouHua NianLun, a place you don’t want to miss. GouHua NianLun 勾画年轮 Room 105, Building 4, Forte Dongcheng International 0431-89645955 复地东城国际 4 栋 105 室