International Changchun Daily August 2013

      Author: http://www .International Changchun A Crazy Woman or A Crazy Dog JINGYUE-- The journalist from ICD (International Changchun Daily) report. There is a weird woman from Northeast Normal University who has made both herself and her dog “crazy”. Maybe after getting to know this story, you too will become crazy. Who knows? So, let’s come to the whole story. Miss Liu is a benign woman and she’s fond of all types of pets. Among these, there is an adorable dog that is really into running around the house, so Miss Liu named her dog “runaway”. Although the dog is very naughty, Miss Liu shall have the dog where she wants him. One day, the dog encountered a “beautiful” female dog, and he was itching to play with her. Miss Liu shouted at him, “come back, run away! Come back, run away! Come back, run away!” After hearing this, the dog felt at a loss. As a consequence, the pet fell down and was sent to the veterinarian. Now Miss Liu feels regretted for what she has done and promises not to hurt the pets in this way. Following is Miss Liu’s and her dog after the calling incident. Editor: Gina Tony Reporters: Brily Charles Journalists: Allen Date: 2013-04-06 14:47 (ICD)