EDITORIAL STATEMENT | Fenno F.J.M. Noij | 3-YEARS LATER… A REASSESSMENT OF THE NEED FOR SOMETHING “IN-BETWEEN” Shumon T. Hussain¹ , Yannick Boswinkel ² , Mette B. Langbroek ³, Robin Nieuwenkamp , Dean Peeters , Roosmarie J.C. Vlaskamp , Femke H. Reidsma Welcome to the 2017 issue of INTER-SECTION: Innovative approaches by Junior Archaeological at Leiden’s Faculty of Archaeology from the BA to the MA level. E-mail: ¹ ² ³ S ince the inception of INTER-SECTION as a peer-reviewed open-access publishing platform in 2015, the journal’s primary aims have not changed substantially. Yet, what has become quite apparent during these past years is that there is more need than ever for a journal “in-between” – to bridge some of the divisions between teaching (training vs education) and research (key role of fast-and-frugal publication) that have been created by the ongoing transforma- tion of European university systems. Whilst we adhere to INTER-SECTION’s core agenda (Peeters et al. 2015, 4-5), these developments both motivate and necessitate reconsidering the colour- ing and meaning of the label “INTER-SECTION”. After all, the journal has demonstrated not only to be an instrument for presenting the “wide range of archaeological discourses being studied and taught at Leiden’s Faculty of Archaeology” ( idem , 5), it can in fact be argued now that INTER-SECTION has also proven to facilitate a p. 2 | VOL III | INTER-SECTION | 2017 platform where students and staff can meet and col- laborate, where education and research productively culminate, and where t R7W&6GB&F`Vr&W6V&6W'22gVVVB'FRWW&V6R@Gf6RbWW&V6VB&fW762WG6VvR7VvvW7BFBDU"4T5D6r6&P&Vv&FVB2'FBG&f7VGvVRFpFvWFW"vB2w&76FG&gFr&R@&R'BGWF66FV֖vRFW&RW7G2f7B&vRw&VVVBf"FRV6W76GF7&VFPBF6FV֖2Vf&VBv6FP&VF&W2&WGvVVFV6rB&W6V&6&WGvVVFR&RbFR( 66VF7N( BFBbFR( 7GVFVN( ЧG'bVGV6F7VGW&RB66V6R#Rc"sC4#RVfW'6FW2&R7F7G'VvvƖrFRЦVBB7VFfFR7V6Vf&VG2&7F6RW762V&VBg&7V66W76gV&W7B&7F6W2@VVBFW6RFW"7W'&7VuD#R&GFWVff'G27V62DU"4T5D6