INTER-SECTION Volume III - Page 33

| Detecting Social Change | Figure 2a. Distribution of the Medieval and post-Medieval cemeteries with their corresponding site codes in Greater London. Red stars represent the Medieval cemeteries and the green stars the post-Medieval cemeteries (WORD database, 2015a and b). The outlined area has been enlarged in figure 2b. Figure 2b. Enlargement of the outlined area of figure 2a. Distribution of the burial grounds in central London (WORD database, 2015a and b). the prevalence data will be analysed separately per the data. The CPR calculation will be followed by a statistical analysis of the collected data. The large sample size of this study allowed the data to be statistically analysed with the Chi-squared (χ 2 ) method with Yates’ correction. The latter provides a conservative statistical outcome for large data. This method is suitable to determine the correlation 2017 | INTER-SECTION | VOL III | p.31