INTER-SECTION Volume III - Page 18

| Bo K.H. Schubert | Wall reliefs that are associated with propaganda are expected to be located in the most accessible wings of the palace, where more visitors would be able to see the reliefs. Moreover, Russell (1998, 662) states that rooms. This implies that the reliefs complemented the function of a room. The Northwest Palace The Northwest Palace was situated in Nimrud and was built during the ninth century BCE by Ashurnasirpall II as the royal residence in his newly established capital (Oates and Oates 2001, 36). The palace can be divided into three areas, each having a distinct function: the administrative reliefs were situated in the administrative area or the private area. 2 which all had a distinct function, that were built around the Central Courtyard. Each suite could be reached through a courtyard or corridor, and the suites were also connected through an internal route that originated from the throneroom (Kertai 2014, were adorned with wall reliefs, but the corridors and courtyards were mainly undecorated. The Throneroom Suite and the actual throneroom were accessible through the Throneroom Courtyard. The throneroom was the main reception area of the palace and the largest room in the palace. Its façade was decorated with narrative scenes depicting tributaries, guiding the visitors to the west entrance. The Double-sided Reception Suite was located west of the Central Courtyard and was probably used as a secondary throneroom (Oates and Oates 2001, 55). It was both connected to the Throneroom Courtyard through corridor WZ and the Central Courtyard. Therefore, Kertai (2015, JH]\]\]ܜ\H[Y[\\Xۙ\Hۙ\B\H][YY\Hۙ\K]\HX\\[H[Y[\H\وB[XKHX\\Z]H\YHX\[ۈKB\܈X\\Y\ˈ\[ NNN  KM H\˜\YY]H[[ۈوH]\\œ\ܝYH\[\\]X\[X]\\ˈ[B [XH[[HK\H\HZ[[X][ۈX[K\\Y\[\H]X]Y[\ˈ\\[ܙK\[H\H]Y]ۙHX[]YXX[B MRRHSTTPSӈ M˜[[[وܘYH\\[X\XK\H\BH[[[H]YܘYHX[]Y\وB[XK[[H[]YH]X[]\B\YY][\Z]K [H\Z]H[\XۛX[ۈHۙ\HZ]K]\˜\X]Y]X[X]]H \ZH MK KBX\\Z]H\\X\XH[HXKBYYX\[ۈZ]K\]\ۛXYBۙ\H\X\ ]\HX\\Z]H[H[&\Z]H\HX\XHYHX[[HۛXYܜY܈ ]Y[\]\[[H[]HY[XZ[H\YBH[XHY[[HۜY\Y\BXZ[[[KH[&\Z]H\ۛXYH[[\X\[H\XH\X\ \Z]B\YHX\[ۈKH]\[H[B]K[[[ۙY\H\Y[X[[X\[ۈZ]K\]X\[K]\Y\Y\H[[۝[Y[[\Y[X[ ԙX\[ۈZ]B[H[XKHZ]H\ܚY[YHܝ X\^X]Y[Hۙ\HZ]H\[ \X[Y[XYHH[\]X\[H[ܙB\XH \ZH MK L KX]\H]\\XBۛXYH]]H\XHوH[XK]Y[\œ]\XH]\Z]H\^\][H\YHB[[\[H[[YY”]\[[Y\[HXۚ\Y[]H[[YYX[H\YۙY\[]YܚY\[Y[N[[[\[\و\\K[[›وX]K[Y[\[\[\ R[ܚ\[ۈ  [Xܘ]Y[[]\Z[Y X\ M K[وH[YYۜ\و[Y[\[\X\X[ZH H[HX[YXܙYYH ]^\[ۈوHXHYYX\[ۈZ]K[[[\[\و\\H[X]\B[\\HۛH\[[Hۙ\HZ]K[[[HY\Y\\]]H[\ˈ[YY\HXY^XX\\XHܞK[[]HY[XYZHHZX \]NM  M K[\H[\\X[[\\H[H\ܛX[Hو]X[ˈYH[\[H[\]Y\\ܚX][\X\\šYH[XXYX[[ [^H NM͋ JK[K\\\\[RHY[\[\^YY[]\[^\ˈ\[ NNN  H\YܙH\Y\]B[[YY\H[^\[ۈو\Y[Y\ˈ][YXX[YYX\H[\ R[ܚ\[ۋX[H]\\HۛH[ܚXY]\^