INTER-SECTION Volume III - Page 14

| Kim P. Deckers | solely related to running, such as the decoupling of the thorax (Bramble and Lieberman 2004, 349), which may help identify these behaviours in the fossil record. Another avenue of study should be the effect of running behaviour on the internal structure of bone. Trabecular bone responds more sensitively to changes in mechanical loading than cortical bone (Ortner 2003, 22) and running behaviours may be morphology. Combining analyses of outer bone and inner bone morphology in relation to running may give more insight or evidence in support of the endurance running hypothesis in the future. Acknowledgements I would like to thank Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist and the referees who reviewed this article for their input and helpful suggestions for improving this paper. Bibliography Antón, S.C., R. Potts and L.C. Aiello, 2014. Evolution of early Homo: An integrated biological perspective. Science 345, 1–13. Cavanagh, P.R., and K.R. Williams, 1982. The Effect of Stride Length Variation on Oxygen Uptake During Distance Running. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 14, 30–35. Dembo, M., D. Radovčić, H.M. Garvin, M.F. Laird, L. Schroeder, J.E. Scott, J. Brophy, R.R. Ackermann, C.M. Musiba, D.J. de Ruiter and A.Ø. Mooers, 2016. The evolutionary relationships and age of Homo naledi: An assessment using dated Bayesian phylogenetic methods. Journal of Human Evolution 97, 17-26. Dennell, R., and W. Roebroeks, 2005. An Asian perspective on early human dispersal from Africa. Nature 438, 1099-1104 Fletcher, J.R., and B.R. MacIntosh, 2015. Achilles tendon strain energy in distance running: consider the muscle energy cost. Journal of Applied Physiology 118, 193–199. Garland, T., 1983. The relation ]Y[X^[X[[[YY[HX\[\\X[X[[X[˂\[وH NNK MM$M Z[KT[\YKKK][Y\K[[KK Z[ X\ ˓KY[[^[܋˔[˓ˈݙZK L [X\H]\[]X\Y\[\œܘ[][HHܘ[SZ[K][XKYY[›وH][ۘ[XY[^HوY[\وH[]Y]\›و[Y\XH L  LLx$LL\\ ] HZ]\ˑK\[  ZY  ˈ[^[K ][  K\[ːK[X[\KT[KKK[\˓K]\XK[Y\ۋ ˈY^Kˈ\\ TZ] X\X[K\\[ \K ٜ[ːKۙۋKˈX[KK[XK\X]KKˈ[[ KK]Y\YY[  \XKBX\[^ ܙY[K\݋ \\ KܝY\KZ\  X\KKY^Y\ˈ[KK˂Y\ ˓Kܜ YݘX Y\K [ܝۋKˈ\Kˈ[XK˔˂[\ ZH[\[  MK[[YKH]œXY\وH[\[HH[[YH[X\]YXKSYH  x$K[\˓ ˑˈ\ۋˈ\\ TZ] K[ܝ  ]ZۘKYH]H[ XX[ۛ K\ܚ\[ۜوH\[X[]ۈو[’\[و[X[]][ۈ M L8$MM ڜ[Sp\ NMK[[[XY[[X[]HوHۙ]Y[[\وH]Y[X\\ٙ\[و[]^H LJ JK MH BM͋\[ ˈ[ [\\[K\Y H[ܞHو[X[YH\ܞH]][ێY] [[Y[K[ۙ]]K]][ۘ\H[N\Y\][]Y]K MM$N K[XK K[ \Y\ NN ˈ[[[X][[X[[X[ˈY[H NK Lx$͋\K[] ˔XKˈ\\[K[^[\ NN ˈH[[H\وB[X[ ]\H ̍K M $MK[XK K[ KYX\X[ [\[B[[[H]][ۈو[ˈ]\H ̋ x$ŒL\Y\  NN H[\]X\Yو[X[[[[Z[Y]][ۋ\[[BK  ˂][Y  [ܘ[K NNKYH[[\[H[[Έ[]KH[Y[[ۜ[YYX\YXˈYYX[H[Y[H[ܝ[^\\H K $ K LRRHSTTPSӈ M’\\ TZ] ˑK [ܝۋːKۙۋ\[ KˈX[KK˓K\X]KˑK\[  \\[KT[K MKHو[[YK]\H[][X][ۜ  x$ Y ˋ &RY[[ˑK\  NNMBHX\Z\[وH[[ۘ[[ܜHقH[][^[H][]\X]H[[\\ˈ\[ق[X[]][ۈ K x$̎LK][K X\[˓K]K L]x&\Z][[\\ ۙێ[]Y\X[Y[\˂YX\X[ K K[XK KZX[[XK Z[]ۋ[H]][ۈو[X[