INTER-SECTION Innovative approaches by Junior Archaeological Researchers II Patterns in the distribution of graves in the central medieval cemetery of Reusel, the Netherlands Local variations in burial practices Catelijne I. Nater MOLLUSC COLLECTION AND SALT-PRODUCTION RESOURCE-PROCUREMENT AND DISTRIBUTION IN THE GULF OF FONSECA Marie M. Kolbenstetter INTER-SECTION 15 December 2016 Volume II LIMINALITY ALONG THE LIMES A STUDY ON THE MATILO MASK, ITS DEPOSITIONAL CONTEXT AND THE ASSOCIATED FINDS Tom E. de Rijk Detecting cultural formation processes through arthropod assemblages a conceptual model for urban archaeological waste-/cesspits Sander E. I. Aerts THE ‘LIVELY’ STREETS OF CLASSICAL OLYNTHOS A SPATIAL ANALYSIS OF URBAN LIFE ON THE NORTH HILL, 432 – 348 BCE Elena Cuijpers