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In the last contribution , Elena Cuijpers evaluates the Greek site of Olynthus from a spatial perspective . Using the exceptional preservation of this site to her advantage , Cuijpers applies a range of macro- and micro-scale space-syntax analyses to examine the built and non-built environment and manages to provide additional perspectives on the seemingly well-known ” lively streets of Olynthus ”, specifically regarding matters of social activity , social control , privacy and movement through this urban environment .
Acknowledgements First and foremost , we would like to thank the contributing authors , Sander Aerts , Elena Cuijpers , Marie Kolbenstetter , Catelijne Nater and Tom de Rijk , for their enthusiasm and for sharing their excellent research with us in this second volume of INTER- SECTION . We are very thankful for the many people who have contributed and supported us , and our aims , in our last cycle towards publication . A special word of gratitude is needed for the members of the Board of the Faculty of Archaeology , Leiden University , our Editorial Advisory Committee , the authors ’ teaching referees and the anonymous reviewers for their invaluable support in making this volume possible . Furthermore , we are very grateful for the initiative taken by Dr . Geeske Langejans to organise a skill-course on academic writing for the authors of the current volume , which provided another precious and fruitful moment of feedback for the individual authors , certainly contributing to the quality of this second volume . We also would like to thank Andrew Sorensen for his kind proof-reading of this preface and English language revisions . A further thank you and welcome is wished here to Femke Reidsma , who replied positively and full of enthusiasm to our request to join our Editorial Board after the publication of our first volume last year .
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