INTER-SECTION Volume II - Page 51

| “ Linguistic Landscape Studies ” and Archaeology |
INTER-SECTION is a journal intended for everyone that is connected to the Leiden University Faculty of Archaeology . The journal offers an accessible platform for the publication of individual research performed by undergraduate and graduate students . Guided by a staff member referee , authors write an article that is peerreviewed by a scholar from outside the faculty . Articles are peer-reviewed journal written by and for students which will also be an interesting read for staff members , as they are asked to review the articles as well . At INTER-SECTION , we feel it is important that the publications printed in the journal aid the student-authors in building their scientific careers . The online open-access of the journal is one way of achieving that ; the authors can easily add their publication to their CV and / or academia . edu account .
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2016 | INTER-SECTION | VOL II | p . 51