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van der Heijden , N . Connecting the past to the present . A study on the level of community involvement during the World Heritage nomination process of the Roman Limes .
Kerkhof , S . Linking gender to teeth . Dental modification and the expression of gender at Monte Albán , Oaxaca , Mexico .
Kroon , E . J . A Study of change . An integrated technological analysis of changes and continuity in ceramic technology during the Late Neolithic of the Dutch West Coast .
Koutamanis , D . Ecology of Javanese hominins . What we can learn through isotope data from background fauna .
Langbroek , M . B . All that is gold does not glitter ; A study on the Merovingian use and exchange of amber or ‘ northern gold ’ in the Benelux and the German Lower Rhine area .
Mol , K . The griffin cauldron in Greece and Italy . From origin and style to function and use . The ‘ Orientalizing ’ period reconsidered ( eight-sixth century BC ).
Mulder , E . The Hyettian rural landscape . Study into the Classical-Hellenistic rural sites of the Ancient Greek city of Hyettos through ceramic survey material .
Nieuwenkamp , R . On the variability of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic bifaces . Exploring chronological , techno-functional , and socio-cultural aspects of biface morphology by using bifacial tools from the southern Netherlands as a case study .
Pinchetti , L . The Biferno Valley in Late Antiquity . A multiscalar approach to rural settlement patterns of Southern Central Italy ( AD 280-600 ).
Reddington Davis , C . Ritualized discourse in the Mesoamerican codices . An inquiry into epigraphic practice .
Sipila , I . East and west , warm and cold : The evolution of Neandertal mobility behaviour in its European Palaeoenvironmental Context from the Beginning of the Late Saalian ( 191 ka BP ) until their Demise ( 40 ka BP )
Steffens , B . Abandonment issues : Exploring house abandonment in the Bronze Age of North-western Europe .
Verstraaten , N . Cocijo : He who lives at the four corners of the world . An analysis of the Zapotec Cocijo effigy vessels from tomb contexts at Monte Alban , in relation to the four primary directions .
Vonk , L . Archaeology as activity in dementia : a presentation of the potential effects of an active engagement in archaeology on the wellbeing of people living with dementia .
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