INTER-SECTION Volume II - Page 49

Ruiter , A . A contextual analysis of Roman pewter from the Low Countries .
Santiago , M . Run-off irrigation and terraces agriculture at Udhruh , Understanding its role in Petra ’ s hinterland from the Nabataean to the Byzantine period in southern Jordan .
Scheers , A . J . Where biology meets culture . A study of Bolivia ’ s artificial cranial modification during the Tiwanaku period .
Schinning , F . To blog or not to blog . A research looking into the contribution of blogs and social networking sites to the accessibility of archaeology - in particular in regard to young adults in The Netherlands .
Schroots , E . Decolonizing human sacrifice and cannibalism in the archaeology and anthropology of the Aztecs . An analysis of the practice of human sacrifice and cannibalism in Sahagún ’ s Historia General de las Cosas de Nueva España and Primeros Memoriales .
Semeijn , R . Social organization of field systems in the Late Prehistory . A study of prehistoric ardmarks as a proxy for field systems from the Middle Neolithic to the Early Iron Age in the Netherlands
Smyth , P . Heritage in Peril : A cross-cultural examination of the negative impacts of tourism .
Snaaijer , A . Detecting orthopaedic healthcare practices in Late Medieval and Early Modern Netherlands . A paleopathological analysis of three infirmary collections .
Sobonia , J . The black flag still flies : Heritage and the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean .
Soldaat , M . Psilocybin in Pre-colonial Mesoamerica . An interdisciplinary approach to sacred mushroom rituals . van Spelde , F . Wandering bones and peripheral bodies . Multidisciplinary analysis of the human remains from the early medieval ( AD 500-700 ) settlement at Oegstgeest , the Netherlands .
Spiering , C . Time for a bull-session : A combined iconographic , zoological and textual perspective on the role of the bull in Late Bronze Age Greece .
Stuyt , T . Molluscs that matter : The use of molluscs on five late pre-colonial sites ( AD1000-1500 ) in the north-western Dominican Republic .
Sybenga , J . Reconstructing the local vegetation succession between the Late Bronze Age and the Medieval settlement period in Enkhuizen , West-Friesland , The Netherlands . van der Storm , M . Accommodation for the poor . An Archaeological and historical study of one-room houses from the 19th century .
Veeren , A . Dutch participation in pre-World War II World Fairs . Vergidou , C . The Use of long bone epiphyseal scars in the resolution of large-scale commingled assemblages .
Vleeshouwer , F . Imagining the Celts . The Celtic image as known from historical , linguistic and archaeological sources , compared to the view on the Celts in the Britisch ( popular ) media of the last five years ( 2010-2015 ).
Vos , E . Comparing the archaeological data of Neumark-Nord 2 / 2 with ethnographic data from North America . de Vries , R . J . Bronzing . Bronze as emergent technology causing changes in the late Prehistory of Europe .
Weller , J . German imperialism and Mexican nationalism . How a relationship was formed and the effects of it on the Antiquities trade between two nations .
Zarra , K . Hosios Loukas Monastery : a “ living heritage site ” and its cultural components .
Research Master Theses
Aal , J . Between animals and bones : Reconstructing human behaviour by analysing taphonomic markers on osteological remains from Bronze Age settlement sites near Andijk , the Netherlands .
de Bondt , E . A human cremation up close . Insights in the burial process of a Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age human cremation grave from Apeldoorn , the Uddeler Heegde .
Castilla-Beltrán , A . Seasonal seafarers . A complex systems exploration of Archaic Age mobility strategies and social dynamics in the North-Eastern Caribbean .
Ernst , M . ( Ex ) changing the potter ’ s process . Continuity and change in the non-European ceramics of Cotuí , the first colonial mine in Hispaniola , after 1505 .
Everts , A . Underneath the angels ’ wings . An archaeological investigation of the iconography and ideology of angels in Late Antique Egyptian and Nubian religious and secular life .
Ganciu , I . Heritage for sale ! The role of museums in promoting metal detecting and looting in Romania .
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