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den Herder , F . The effect of change . The biographies of the Paul and Dora Janssen-Arts Collection and the Barbier- Mueller Pre-Columbian Collection .
Huiskamp , R . A matter of mind and matter : Applying theories on material agency and mind-set to the objects of the Vlaardingen Culture in the Western , Central and Southern Netherlands .
van IJzendoorn , M . Mapping the ceramics . The production , distribution and consumption of Champlevé Ware in the Aegean and beyond ( twelfth-thirteenth century AD ).
Janssen , A . Neglecting the ederly . An osteoarchaeological investigation in to improving the methodology for skeletal age-at death estimation in older adults ; using a documented 19th century collection from Middenbeemster , The Netherlands .
Jesus , A . Negotiating personhood : animal remains in mortuary practices at the beginning of the adoption of domestic animals in South Scandinavia and Netherlands .
Jongma , S . Long bone fractures in Post-Medieval the Netherlands .
Jorritsma , J . Nabatean burials before , during and after the Roman Annexation . Changes in the Nabatean funerary practices in the Nabatean kingdom under the Roman influence from the first century BC to the start of the second century AD .
Joyce , R . Congenital syphilis in the past : Improving diagnostic criteria using clinical and palaeopathological research . Kalaj , A . The representation of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire from the 16th century until the 20th Century .
Kim , H . W . Research on the reasons for the collapse of the Romano-British polity in South-Western England in the fifth to sixth centuries common Era via complexity theory .
Kotsaga , K . News distributors as stakeholders of cultural heritage . Perspectives on heritage values from the state , local communities and the general public . The case of Amphipolis .
Kremer , R . Late-Neolithic stone beads of Tell Sabi Abyad , Syria . Usage and manufacture of stone beads in the Upper Mesopotamian Late Neolithic , 7000-5850 BC . Lee-Smith , K . Believing Bullbrook : A review of archaeological collections from Trinidad and Tobago in British Museums .
Leestemaker , L . The viewshed of Samnium in the 2nd century BC . Did visibility play a role in building Samnitic sanctuaries ?
Lengkeek , S . Understanding the use of stone markers in the eastern badia , northeast Jordan . During classical antiquity and ( sub ) recent times .
Lensen , R . Early brick production and use in the coastal regions of the Low Countries ( 1200-1350 ).
Mackenzie , C . Possibilities of participation : Inclusive management strategies and cultural World Heritage in Turkey . An analysis of the possibilities of implementing UNESCO concepts of participatory management strategies in Turkey , using Nemrud Dag as a case study to focus research into a specific community context .
Mahoney , U . Current issues of heritage management in Pohnpei State , Federated States of Micronesia .
Mazcek , D . Is it to the water that it must return ? An inquiry into the water deposition of swords in the Carolingian period ( ca . 750-1000 AD ) in North-western Europe .
McGeer , L . M . The domestication of water . An analysis of Drinking Water in three Early Byzantine Cities .
Mullaart , M . The functional and social role of flint scrapers from the Vlaardingen site Wateringse Binnentuinen in The Hague .
Nater , C . Social differences in burial practices in the medieval cemetery of Reusel . An osteoarchaeology and mortuary archaeology study of burial practices in the southern Netherlands during the Central Middle Ages .
Netherton , A . Bodies of evidence : Economy and identity within Kura Araxes cemeteries in Early Bronze Age Transcaucasia .
Papoutsaki , A . Theatrical elements in contemporary museums of archaeology , anthropology , and art .
Riethus , A . The Ubermuseum in north-western and central Europe and its adaption to the tasks and aims of the 21st Century .
de Rouw , L . Figuring out the farmstead . A critical evaluation of the concept Iron Age farmstead in Dutch archaeological research .
Ruf , K . The re-use of Maya monumental architecture in pre- and post-colonial Yucat√°n . An investigation of its differing manifestations .
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