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Stikkelorum , T . Uniformity across landscapes . An inter-regional investigation of the Late prehistoric habitation of the Maaskant and Heikant Brabant , the Netherlands .
Talboom , L . A better practice to data management in the archaeological field . A case study of the PACEN research project regarding data management .
Timmer , L . What ’ s in the name ? Een analyse van de naamgeving van Homo naledi .
Verezen , V . The crumbling wonder . Evaluating environmental threats to the archaeological monuments of Petra ( Jordan ).
Vlieks , N . Regional diversity and connectivity during the Italian Bronze Age : the case study of Molise . A comparative study of the pottery and exotic goods at Rocca di Oratino , Fonte Maggio , Masseria Mammarella and Monteroduni .
Vocking , I . Valkenburg de Woerd ( ZH ). Een vergelijkende studie van zoölogisch mateiraal afkomstig van de vroegmiddeleeuwse opgraving Valkenburg de Woerd 1986-1988 .
Walraad , K . Een studie naar herkomst en gebruik van steenmateriaal . Een vergelijking van de twee precolumbiaanse vindplaatsen Anse Trabaud op Martinique en Lavoutte op Saint Lucia op basis van de lithische assemblages .
Wauben , N . Adornos and cosmological expression : An iconographical analysis of the zoomorphic adornos found at the Amerindian site of El Flaco ( 13th-15th Century ), Northwestern Dominican Republic .
Westelaken , A . Social Status through vertebral pathologies on post-medieval cemeteries in England
Master Theses
Amsing , E . Assessing values and interests . A stakeholder engagement in the development of archaeological site parks in The Netherlands .
Baas , S . Merovingian dams in Oegstgeest-Rijnfront . Two dams in a Merovingian settlement in Oegstgeest-Rijnfront . van den Brand , S . Borrowed gods , holy mountains , and temples on the horizon . A view on how the Amun-Ra cult at Gebel Barkal ( Sudan ) influenced the greater Nubio-Egyptian relationship during the Nubian Kerma periods , and during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom period up to and including the Third Intermediate Period .
Bol , W . Lvmen in Tenebrae : A comparison of images on ceramic oil lamps in three military camps on the frontier of the Roman Empire in the Lower Rhine area compared .
Bosman , A . Talking heads . Quantititative analysis of morphological variation in the human mandible during the Medieval and post-Medieval periods in the Netherlands using three-dimensional geometric morphometrics .
Buis , P . Reconstructing mint conditions . A study of two coin types struck in Dorestad under Lothar I ( 840-855 ) and to their production and organisation .
Cawthorn , M . Pariwilpa Mokarina Warai : Ancient and recent Australian desert hunter-gatherer responses to climatic variability .
Cuijpers , E . The ‘ lively ’ streets of Olynthos in the 5th / 4th century BCE : a spatial analysis of movement flows and activity areas .
van Duijvenbode , L . Relief-band amphorae , trade and distribution in the early Middle Ages . Access to long-distance trade in Carolingian Netherlands .
Edens , E . Tracing the indigenous peoples of Suriname . An application of strontium stable isotope analysis on prehistoric human material from coastal Suriname .
Flanagan , K . L . Absence of Neandertals in Ireland : an issue of hominin preference or of preservation ? A biogeographical perspective .
Friedler , A . A tale of two cities . Analysis of Dutch populations between the late medieval and modern period using ancient motochrondrial DNA .
Grimbergen , L . The social uses of animals in the Halaf period . On the meaning of animal remains and animal representations .
Halbrucker , E . On the sickles from Százhalombatta-Földvár . Microwear analysis of flint sickle inserts from the Bronze Age tell at Százhalombatta-Földvár .
van den Hamer , M . Stress and the city . Vertebral neural canal size in Medieval and Post-Medieval London , England .
Hebels , S . Reconstructing the ecological setting of the North Sea area : stable isotope analysis of Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene faunal remains .
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