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| “ Linguistic Landscape Studies ” and Archaeology |

THESIS Overview SEPTEMBER 2015 - AUGUST 2016

At the moment of graduation , an archaeology undergraduate student has produced a

minimum of 50,000 words in total in the form of written assignments . In the graduate phase , regular master students will increase this amount by 45,000 , whilst research master students produce an additional 70,000 words . The majority of these texts , including the thesis , are only read by a handful of people . Since 2009 the Faculty of Archaeology requires all theses from both graduate and undergraduate students to be uploaded in the digital repository . Currently , most people are unaware of the fact that information on these theses , including extensive abstracts and author contact information , can be found online . A substantial part of these works is openly accessible as well ( http :// openaccess . leidenuniv . nl / handle / 1887 / 16590 ). In order to stimulate the use of this invaluable database , and to promote student research beyond the publications in INTER-SECTION , we have decided to provide a complete overview of new theses in every edition . The list presented here contains all theses effectuated between September 1st 2016 and August 1st 2016 . We encourage our readers to consult the Leiden Repository for more information on the titles listed below .
Bachelor Theses
Bakker , T . Hominin interference at the Schöningen 12 sites . The taphonomy of the mammalian faunas of the Lower Palaeolithic Schöningen 12 sites .
Barth , R . De loden sarcofaag van Byout el-Saied in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden te Leiden . Beerens , T . Onderzoek naar de structuur van Merovingische nederzettingen in het Maas-Demer-Schelde gebied . van Beest , W . J . Een culturele biografie van de Cenotes op Yucatán .
Beets , Y . Medieval animal bone waste at Oegstgeest . An exploration of the animal bones found in waste pits at Oegstgeest .
Bexc , M . Relationship between activity patterns and bone robustness within hunter-gatherer and farming societies . Demonstrated with a case study from Skateholm I and II , Sweden .
Blom , A . Ageing the 40 + category : testing the ageing method for the sternal end of the clavicle . An analysis of the use of the adult ageing technique of the degeneration of the sternal end of the clavicle on the nineteenth century Dutch skeletal collection of Middenbeemster .
Boelsma , J . Theuws versus Uden-West . Early Medieval settlement pattern - and development theory of prof . Theuws versus the H / C area of Uden-West .
Cassée , R . The place of the death . A research into the burial customs during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B in the Southern Levant
van den Dikkenberg , L . Verleden hergebruikt . De betekenis van urnenvelden in de Midden- en Late IJzertijd en in de Romeinse tijd op de Zuid-Nederlandse zandgronden .
den Engelsman , C . Resharpening is the norm ? A reduction model on the retouched blades of Aurignacian layer US04 ( sup .) of Les Cottes , France .
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