Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 44

INTELLIGENT MOBILE TECHNOLOGY M obile devices have changed how we work and navigate daily life, which means there is a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on the growing use of mobile applications. Location-based services mean that retailers can leverage mobile devices and Bluetooth technology to provide offers to customers and prospects, help customers and employees navigate within locations, and locate friends, assets and services. Deploying location services, however, can present some challenges. IT may have to learn new technologies and processes, as most retailers have little to no experience implementing these types of solutions. And some solutions may require IT to purchase and manage dedicated infrastructure. The good news is that in many cases, organisations already possess the technology needed to deploy location services. Bluetooth Low Energy is prevalent on popular iOS and Android devices, and meets the required accuracy and latency demands for multiple use cases. In addition, Wi-Fi is now pervasive in all malls and retail outlets. The Middle East retail industry is a fast adopter of technology. While they have adapted to e-commerce, they have equally improved their brick-and-mortar experiences. But until recently, technology has not kept pace with these crucial arms of the retail business. That is changing with advances in location-based services. Regional retailers are beginning to implement location-based solutions, but need to keep in mind the following key features that address customer experience and operational needs: Boosting retail sales with location analytics Location based data generated through mobile connected devices, inside a retail outlet can give tremendous sales benefits, explains Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed at Aruba, HPE. 44 Issue 16 INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS