Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 28

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY service providers use to run their business and remotely monitor and manage for their customers. SonicWall Shahnawaz Sheikh, Sales and Channel Director, SonicWall META and CEE. Today’s managed security services address much wider areas of security solutions, including next generation firewalls, next generation endpoint, email security, remote access solutions and wireless security to name the primary technologies. The new SecureFirst MSP Partner Programme, offers exclusive financial, enablement and support components designed to help partners build and accelerate managed security service business. Available to SecureFirst Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners, the SecureFirst MSSP Programme is designed to develop, enable, and support a global network of managed service provider partners. Managed service provider partners can either implement the SonicWall managed service provider blueprints by leveraging SonicWall training, technical resources and marketing assets, or jointly develop custom MSS offerings that build on the Partner’s existing managed service core competencies and expertise. Managed service providers A look at the range of security services from top regional, managed service providers. BT Al Saudia The managed security services include next-generation managed SOC, managed security devices, endpoint protection, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, professional services, consultancy. BT Al Saudia brings a blend of security vendors, to provide end-to-end managed security services to customers, helping them ease their security operations. The managed security services have been designed and deployed in a well-established node supported with dedicated connectivity. The compute building blocks consists of Cisco UCS platform to run security services and applications, such as SIEM components and vulnerability centre; server virtualisation of the security components and supporting services; storage and archiving of customer SIEM logs and events and other application data; fast and reliable IP connectivity between SOC components. eHosting DataFort The services and solutions include, Real Time Threat Monitoring, Remote Managed Security Services, PCI Security Services, Advanced Threat Protection, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, amongst others. eHDF has also recently launched 28 a Security Operations Center in the UAE. It offers customers a portfolio of Managed Security Services along with Remote Managed SIEM Services. These services can be delivered either within eHDF’s data centre, on- premises at the end-customer site or on the cloud. Some of the key features include enhanced threat intelligence, custom business and technical use case development, i \H\X[[[Y[KY[ۘ[[ؘ[X]]\[\X\[YY\˜[ [ۚ]ܚ[[\ܝ [Q•H[X\H\X\\H  X\]B][X[Y[Y[[[Y[\ۜKX[YY[YYX][ۈ\X\X[YYXY[H H\X][ۈ^Y\[KQYX[Y[ [KT\[X[YYX\X][ۈ\][ X[YY[\X[]H\\Y[X[YY[[X\]KX[YY[[X]]X[ۈ[\ۜKX[YYX][[Y[K[܂\\[YH[[[“]ܚH]ܚXX\]K\ۈXX]][Y[ [XKPK^[ۙ\[[X[X˂H[\X\Hۜ\وXZ[[\ۛY[ ]X[Y[Y[ U[][ۜ][\H^Y\ق\][X\X][ۜ]X\\YX܈]][X][ۈ][ۋX\X][ۈ\][][[[[Y\SH][ۋ[Y[\ۜH]ܛKX][[Y[B]ܛKۛYHX[Y[Y[ QSB[\ۛY[ ܈]]X][ۋ[[\X[]HX[Y[Y[ ݙ\H\\HوYX\\XYBYۚYX[[\Y[[Z[[HYB]HX[YY\X\ٙ\[[Y][Yܘ]Yܝ[وXK[[Y[H[[YݚYH[Yܘ]YY][[ٛܛX][ۈ\X\ˈ\š[Y\\[Y]H[X\]KX\]B[[]Xܚ]X[[\X\HX[ۋ܈ݙ\Y[X[\]H][\[\\\[X[[YY][B\Y\XܛH˂\]YX\\\]][ۈݚY\[Y[XYYKY\[\ˈ\Z[]]ܛB][\[\HHܛ[\ [Yܘ]H]Y\[[܂XY\ˈH[\\\\Y\[\\]]\ۛX]H[]ܛH[]YY[H\Y\&\\][ۘ[\X[]Y\]X[YY\X\ٙ\[ˈ;ਂ\YH MSSQSPSS