Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 24

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Majid Khan, Manager Cybersecurity Managed Services, Help AG. process? Opinions differ. Continues Dave from ProVise Secure Lab, “The key drivers for any organisation to work with a managed security service provider are cost optimisation, quality outcomes, global intelligence, freedom from managing skilled resources, extended security arm, rapid incident response, event investigation, managed risk and compliance, and automating security technologies.” “The ability to quickly leverage the benefits of a given service, with minimal upfront investment in both technology and in-house skills, is a key differentiator. The value proposition hinges around quick time-to-market, efficient commercial models, and peace of mind when it comes to operational aspects of a service’s lifecycle,” adds NXN’s Charif. Majid Khan, Manager Cybersecurity Managed Services, Help AG, adds to this. “Two main factors driving adoption of managed security services are access to expertise and cost efficiency. Managed services help move IT budgets from intimidating capex to more manageable opex. The pay-as-you-go model lends itself to both upward and downward scalability,” says Majid Khan, Manager Cybersecurity Managed Services, Help AG. “While a managed service provider can drive a positive impact in tackling cybersecurity needs, collaboration is the key to ensuring best results. It needs to follow a top-down approach, from the 24 Yasser Zeineldin, CEO eHosting DataFort. top management downwards,” comments Yasser Zeineldin, CEO eHosting DataFort. Enterprises that use a managed service provider can save costs by eliminating the requirement of an on-premise IT security department, getting 24x7 protection, faster deployment times and meeting compliance requirements. Primarily, the need is to While some companies may opt to be niche players in managed security services, others choose to add the practice to an already existing managed services business model. utilise existing investments made by the customer rather than replacing it, while adding additional security, multi- tenant shared services, saving additional overheads for end-user. As an example, Saudi Arabia based, BT Al Saudia guarantees a high spee