Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 23

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Managed security services prepare for next level High initial investments, extended payback periods, limited skilled resources, are not inhibiting the early roll out of managed security services in the region. Key service players and vendors share their points of view. By Arun Shankar. W ith the increasing use of cloud services in the Middle East and globally, there is a growing focus on the security aspects of IT infrastructure. The threat landscape has been extremely volatile and sophisticated over the last few years with increasing cybersecurity attacks. Simultaneously, security solutions have also been witnessing advancements with most organisations unable to cope with the speed to stay updated. This has given rise to the growth of managed security services. Gartner has forecasted that 40% of all managed security services will be bundled with other security services and broader IT outsourcing projects by 2020. That is double of today’s figure of 20%. As another example, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most targeted Many of the existing managed service providers have trouble delivering the correct service level to their customers. Khaled Charif, Director Technology and Innovation, NXN. Tusharkanti Dave, Practice Head Cyber Security Intelligence, ProVise Secure Lab. countries and organisation of all sizes, in all industries are struggling to secure their critical assets, data, brand and reputation. “The growth of managed services is a natural evolution of traditional ICT services, where enterprises and SMEs alike can leverage centralised analytics, reporting, decision support tools, skillsets and expertise of a dedicated operations team. Well established technologies, such as Big Data analytics, IoT, and private, hybrid clouds are helping to fuel this growth from a technology standpoint,” points out Khaled Charif, Director Technology and Innovation, NXN. Any business enabled by IT or exposed to the cyber world, needs protection from cyber-attacks. “Managed service providers are key enablers to bring any organisation to a higher security maturity level through a systematically designed managed security programme that consists of various cyber security initiatives spanning across years. When an organisation is in need to improve its security maturity level or improve its security posture, is when they should look out for a suitable managed security services partner,” says Tusharkanti Dave, Practice Head Cyber Security Intelligence, ProVise Secure Lab. Power gains So, what are the characteristics of an ideal managed security services on boarding 23