Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 22

REGIONAL CHANNELS customers are from telecommunications, governments, manufacturing, financial services and education. Leveraging BPO and digital opportunities While the ICT industry contributes above 12% of the country’s GDP and has 600+ tech companies, its growth requires skilled resources, investment, and wireless connectivity. J ordan’s ICT sector remains a success story amidst regional economic downturns, employing 1% of the population, but contributing 12% to GDP. Jordan’s ICT sector hosts more than 600 active technology companies including 300 startups as part of the 600. Sector leaders perceive the industry is at a crossroads as they clamor for legislation to maintain high growth rates. The Internet sector remains the strongest performing sector in the telecoms market, following an impressive growth of 51.4% in total subscriptions during 2013. US firms seeking to provide IT solutions in Jordan should be prepared to enter in partnership with Jordanian firms, and set realistic goals for this small yet promising sector of the economy. Competition is strongest in the broadband and mobile markets. Jordan has emerged as a regional tech startup hub due to an ICT-focused educational system, low startup costs, and business-friendly environment. Its growing reputation is increasingly attracting international capital eager to tap into the region’s underserved, but growing online market. Due to the country’s small market, most start-ups in Jordan either focus exclusively on, or grow with, the expectation of expanding into the wealthier markets of the Middle East Gulf Region. Despite its prominence in Jordan, 22 the entire ICT sector has been struggling recently, especially the IT industry. Total IT industry revenues in Jordan have fallen from a 2008 high of $962.4 million to $649 million in 2013. Domestic revenues halved from $735.6 million in 2008 to $313.51.1 million in 2013. IT export revenues, however, reached record highs of $324 million in 2013, registering about 10% increase. ICT businesses are concerned that increasing domestic corporate taxation rates and other costs of doing business will make Jordan a less appealing place for ICT companies. Profiles of key in-country players Polaris Technology Established in 2010, Polaris Technology provides services to manage the entire IT infrastructures from servers and desktops to applications, data and networks. It also helps customers throughout the IT investment lifecycle from initial strategy development and technology assessment, through to design, procurement and implementation. Polaris enables clients to realise capital and operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, and optimise performance across the database, operating system, virtualisation, management, and hardware layers of the technology stack. It provides telephone and onsite support during business hours, extended business hours, and round the clock 24/7 support. Its Optimiza The Al-Faris National Investment Group, operating under the trade name Optimiza, is a publicly listed ICT systems integrator and digital transformation solutions provider, based in Jordan and operating in the MENA region. Optimiza offers integrated solutions and services in four main practices: consulting, technology, outsourcing, and human capital development. The partner works in multiple sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, banking, government, education, and business. It is amongst the largest systems integrators and digital transformation solutions providers in the region, with over 35 years of experience, and delivery of complex projects by 350 skilled employees. Currently, we operate offices in Jordan as headquarters, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, )5ɽ)Ʌ́QɅ)Ʌ́QɅ%ٕѵ)х͡Ё͕))ɑ́́ɥѽȁѕ)ѕɅѽȁݥѡѡ͕́ɥ)ɽѽѥ܁ɕЁ)չѥѕ̰չѥ)Ց٥ͽѥȁɍ)ɥɽ́ѡɽ՝)ٕɕ̸%Ё́)ɑ́Յѕ̰)ݥѠ́MՑɅ1儰-݅а)U%ɅāMɥ)Ʌ́ݽѕȁݥѠѡ)U9! HȁѡɅݽɭ͕́ɥ)ɽٕ́ѡU9! H)ѡɕɅѥ́ȁѡMɥ)ɕ՝́ݡ݅́չ) 5MMݕɅ́ѡձ)!ɽݽѡѕȁȁѡ%ɅŤ)%ɅɑȁݥѠѡ%ѕɹѥ)=ɝͅѥ5Ʌѥٕ)ɽɅQɽЁ݅́Ѽ䁅)х͕ɥͽѥͥѡɵ)Ʌ̰ݕȁѕѽݕ̰Ʌ́)չѥѕȁѡѠͥ)ѡ%ɅŤ%Ʌ ɑ̸(Mɍйذ%ѕɹѥ)QɅɅѥULѵЁ) ɍ ݕͥѕ̤ )%Ք)%9Q11%9PQ !991L