Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 21

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY M anaged Service Providers, will find that Trend Micro’s Managed Services Programme fits their business model and will help facilitate their business growth. Trend Micro’s Managed Services Programme, aligns with the managed services partner business model, provides tools to help run business more efficiently, enables profit growth and increase in value of business, offers pay-as-you-go purchase options, offers self-provisioning license portal, offers centralised multi-tenant, web-based management console, RMM and PSA tool integrations, SaaS solutions that eliminate costly installation and setup work. Trend Micro offers a solution set that consists of cloud-based products and tools to help the managed service partners business. Trend Micro Worry- Free Business Security Services is a cloud security solution that protects business data and safeguards PCs, laptops, servers, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, and other devices, such as point-of- sale machines and tablets. It is no- maintenance cloud solution that delivers updated protection to stop spam, malware, spear phishing, ransomware, and targeted attacks before they reach the network. It protects Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and other hosted and on-premises email solutions. Email Encryption is included. Cloud Application Security enables you to embrace the efficiency of cloud services while maintaining security. It protects incoming and internal Office 365 email from advanced malware and other threats, compliance on cloud file-sharing services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. No server is required for Worry-Free Business Security Services, Hosted Email Security, or Cloud App Security because they are hosted and maintained by Trend Micro. Trend Micro products receive round-the-clock updates from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. With Trend Micro Remote Manager, Managed Service Providers can reduce their costs by centrally a B6V7W&VǒvpG&VB֖7&v''g&VR'W6W726V7W&GG&VB֖7&7FVBV6V7W&G@G&VB֖7&6VB6V7W&G7W7FW'0g&vW&RvFG&VB֖7&&VFPvW"F26V7W&R7FVBvV"66PV2vVB6W'f6R&fFW'27&V6P&fF&ƗG'&VGV6rFR67G2`G&VB֖7&'FW &w&RvV@6W'f6R&fFW'06W'f6r7W7FW'22'W6W72w&w2FW66VG&ǒvRVFPv''g&VR'W6W726V7W&G7FV@V6V7W&GB6VB6V7W&G7W7FW"66VG2g&6vRvV 66RBFgV7W7FW"FV6B6WFR6fwW&F6G&`7W7FW"7FF2BfWrFR6V7W&G7GW&Rb6vR"VFR7W7FW"G&VB֖7&26&VB7FF&@vFw2&6VB6WF2vFvV 66RFvfRvVB6W'f6R&fFW'0FRGfFvRb6V7W&RvVV@6&ƗFW2G&VB֖7&&VFRvW 6&RFVw&FVBvFGW7G'$4F2ƖR6V7Ev6R6W%FV6BWFF6F6Ɩg7W'B@7W7FW"vVVBf"vVB6W'f6P&fFW'2FBWfW&vRFW6R6WF2FRF6&&B6w27FGW2f"v''g&VR'W6W726V7W&G7FV@V6V7W&GB6VB6V7W&G66VG2BWFF6ǒvVW&FW07W7FW"&W'G2g&vW&SWFF6ǒ6VG26V7W&GW'G0F6V7Ev6R6W%FV6WFF6F6WFr77FVӲFVw&FW0F&V7FǒvF6V7Ev6R6W%FV6F7G&VƖRBWFFPFǒW6vR&W'FrB&ƖsWF76&6FvFƖ6V6pvVVBFf&'VƖ֖FpV&6W76W36&VBƖ6V6RfWpFvRV7W7FW'2B&V7W'&p7W7FW'2RVfVB66RFRƖ6V6rvVVBFf&Цw2vVB6W'f6R&fFW'2F6VbЧ&f6&GV7BƖ6V6W2FVBFRƖ6V6RvVVBFf&f 6W'f6R&fFW'22vV"&6VB6WFFB7&VFW2vW2BF07W7FW"Ɩ6V6W2f"v''g&VP'W6W726V7W&G7FVBV6V7W&GB6VB6V7W&G'FW'26&R'&BFRFf&FR&GV7BBFR6V6FFVFW2f&RFR6WF6R7W7FW"7&VFFV6VW>( @7V62&F6WG2B&RFVfV@&Vv7G&FW>( G&VGV6RFR67B`W&Ff"vVB6W'f6R&fFW'0vR&W'Fr6&ƗFW2V&RVff6V@&ƖrBVFFr* #