Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 16 - Page 16

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY Building Trend Micro’s channel in Saudi Arabia Trend Micro is building an end-to-end partner programme in Saudi Arabia, to be rolled out across the region, with managed service providers, cloud service providers, and system integrators being key players. By Arun Shankar. T he Trend Micro partner programme consists of four reseller categories including Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, from top to down. It also has specialised partner categories including professional services, cloud service providers, managed service providers, and system integrators. While reseller partners can sign-up online into the various categories, specialised partners need to sign an agreement to evaluate their industry focus and technical skills capabilities. The partner programme also allows channel partners to specialise in various areas including Small Business Security, User Protection, Hybrid Cloud Security, Network Defense. Trend Micro solutions cover the full range of end users from single user to small, medium and large enterprises. The end user segments, products and solutions, and the types of partners in the channel programme should have a good overlap. For a consumer the best channel partner may be a telecom operator providing managed services, and a system integrator may be the best channel partner for enterprise driven projects. “Our partner programmes are covering all the partner teams. The beauty about our channel programmes is that they cover the end to end environment when 16 Since security is no longer an option for many small and medium ܙ[\][ۜ\H\˜[[ܙX\[™[X[܂X[YY\X\[]\BYY]Z\^X][ۜ˂]Y\H[[ H]\\œ\[\\[H[Yܘ]ܜY\XBݚY\[X[YY\XHݚY\˂[و\H\H\وHX\[B]Hܚ][XX\]ۂXX[\YY[ 8'H^Z[[]^[[]^[[KXH\Y[[X[Y[\X܋[ZXܛZYHX\[YXK[KXH\Y[[X[Y[\X܋[ZXܛZYHX\[YXKX[YY\XHݚY\[[ۙH[ZXܛ[[\\]YܚY\HX[YY\X\ݚY\\و\X[\[\ܝ[KH]YB\[ۈ X\\X[\[\\\›ۈ]\YX][ۈو][Y\[YHB[K]]\YX][ۈYX[\]][\[\\\X[H܂]\\و][YK[H\[\›[[وHX[YY\X\ݚY\܂^[\KYY]\\]Z\[Y[ HX[YY\X\ݚY\\[[]H]\H[X[ZH]œX\]H[\ۛY[H^][ \Yۈ][^\\K[ݚYH]\H\XH\[\\ˈHX[YY\XHݚY\[\Y܈\ܝ]YH\XXx&\\[ۈو]\YX][ۈق\\\ˈ8'\\Y][]H\B[\]Y[H][ۚ[[H\H[\]Y[B[Yۚ[]Hوܙ[\][ۜ[B[K8'H^\[Kٙ\[ۘ[\X\H]B[XY[[]YܞH[H[ZXܛ\\ܘ[[YK\ܝš[\[Y[][ۋ[\\]Y]B\H[\\KX[YY\X\ۈB\[ \]HX[[YY][B[\\\\H\X[Hܝق\YH MSSQSPSS