Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 70

THE EDGE C M Y CM MY CY businesses should consider whether working with a data hosting provider that offers good value for money is the most cost-effective solution. And while cost should never be the sole factor when deciding on a data hosting provider, businesses should not assume that the most expensive service is the best, as different options will suit different companies. 6. Data centres should promote environmental efficiency While cost is important, businesses should also take environmental efficiency into account. In today’s society, organisations of every size should be helping contribute towards improving the environment worldwide, in whatever way possible. More businesses are now putting their efforts into reducing their environmental impact and data centres can be one way to address this. Many providers are able to deliver a more environmentally- friendly service, thanks to economies of scale and the ability to deploy the latest cooling technology. This is just one of the ways that a data centre can reduce its energy consumption that a 70 Issue 03 business may not be able to do itself. It should be noted, though, that a balance should be struck between choosing an environmentally-friendly data centre and one which meets all of the other criteria. Why colocation can be a key approach Colocation can be an excellent option – particularly if the provider adheres to the six points above – for businesses that either cannot afford data centres of their own, or that simply would rather not have to manage this themselves. Enterprises with limited space and resources may opt for colocation, as it is often a cheaper and more effective use of the space available. Depending on the location this could be particularly valuable and would allow for more on- site space to be dedicated to other areas of the business. Choosing a data hosting provider can be quite a complex decision and should not be undertaken lightly. However, considering the six tips discussed here should help to form the foundation of the choices that IT leaders have to make. If a data centre provider is found to be weaker in any of these areas, then the consequences can be disastrous if something were to go wrong. With businesses increasingly relying on data hosts to manage and protect their precious data, making the best decision while keeping business objectives in mind is crucial for enabling the company to grow. ◊ CHOOSING A DATA HOSTING PROVIDER CAN BE QUITE A COMPLEX DECISION AND SHOULD NOT BE UNDERTAKEN LIGHTLY. CMY K