Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 59

Content supplied by the DCA Chatsworth Products announces UK availability of EuroFrame Gen2 Cabinet minimum. EuroFrame Gen 2 cabinets address these requirements perfectly.” Launched in 2017, EuroFrame Gen 2 manages and protects cabling and equipment in a simple and reliable, yet affordable way. Its progressive design allows for scalability and network upgrades, while supporting airflow and cable management best practices, as per EN 50600 recommendations. This cabinet solution has been constructed to meet today’s data centre requirements for high-density switching and server applications. The cabinet is available in several standard configurations, including 42 and 47 rack- mount units (U), 600mm and 800mm widths and 829mm, 1029mm and 1229mm depths, as well as options with patented Vertical Exhaust Ducts, offering flexibility to fit most data centre designs. The product has also undergone a recent ‘facelift’ and is now supplied with a curved front door design for improved airflow and aesthetics. The EuroFrame Gen 2 is a cost-effective cabinet solution from CPI C are leading them to seek increased levels of performance and efficiency while keeping expenditure increases to an absolute hatsworth Products (CPI) has announced UK stock availability of its second-generation EF-Series EuroFrame Cabinet. The EuroFrame Gen 2 is a cost-effective cabinet solution from CPI designed to minimise deployment time and resources by offering a quick and easy-to-install storage solution, while still providing the high performance and quality associated with the CPI brand. The EuroFrame Gen 2 Cabinet, along with its matching airflow, cable and power management accessories, provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for today’s modern data centre. ◊ Julian Riley, CPI Sales Director and General Manager for Europe, said: “We are seeing an increasing demand for this product range from customers across Europe. “The evolving requirements being placed on European data centre owners and operators Issue 03 59