Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 49

END USER INSIGHT advantage of a wide range of Rackspace engineers with a broad expertise in networking, database administrators, public cloud experts and more. With the help of Rackspace, Trading Point employs industry leading practices for a scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure with a selection of Tier 1 Internet Service Providers. This enables a fast, highly available and low latency service around the globe. All the company’s hardware and services are continuously being monitored on various levels: both for performance, hardware and software failures. A multi- level backup policy is also maintained to secure data both on-site and off-site. Working closely with Rackspace, Trading Point has been able to further isolate and secure its Internet Edge infrastructure. While the dedicated infrastructure is maintained internally, the Internet Edge Infrastructure in the data centre was previously shared with other customers. The new service provided is the Prolexic Connect service, with a dedicated connection from the Rackspace environment into the Akamai network for DDoS protection at various layers. Using the ‘always on’ option, all incoming traffic now goes through Akamai’s scrubbing centres, where the traffic is constantly being monitored and, in the case of a DDoS attack, malicious traffic is discarded, delivering only the ‘clean’ traffic. This is all delivered over dedicated fibres. Rackspace has a strong partnership with Akamai, so the team provide and add value to their full portfolio of services. All aspects of the setup and provisioning of the service were handled by Rackspace after working with and understanding Trading Point’s business requirements and challenges. Rackspace continues to handle all operational management of the service with Akamai on behalf of Trading Point. Rackspace and Trading Point were able to design and implement a custom solution to install a dedicated Internet Edge Infrastructure. Furthermore, with the help of Rackspace, Trading Point purchased its own public subnets and migrated all of its systems there. Rackspace supports improved and secure performance This allowed the company to have dedicated subnets that were exclusively used by its online trading company, XM, and none of the other customers of Rackspace. This was a pre-requisite and the first step towards the deployment of a robust anti-DDoS solution. The implementation of Akamai’s Prolexic DDoS solution has supported a far better performance of Trading Point’s web applications, particularly in China where firewalls slow down websites, so there is an inconsistent user experience. Loizides said: “This has completely isolated Trading Point’s entire infrastructure from other customers and the backup data centre for added security and to further reduce the risk of service disruption.” To improve its defences against DDoS attacks, Trading Point worked with Rackspace to introduce Akamai’s Prolexic DDoS solution. Previously, Trading Point only had Layer 7 protection for its websites, via the KONA Site Defender service. The strategic partnership with Rackspace has delivered significant improvements to the performance, security, reliability and scalability of Trading Point’s services. The improved infrastructure helps make sites load faster, with the added ability to increase bandwidth when needed. The implementation has also significantly enhanced the security posture of the organisation, with negligible performance impact and most cyberattacks now automatically blocked without needing any intervention from the IT team. The company has also benefited from the wealth of expertise at Rackspace, particularly for specialist skillsets that are difficult to find. All the solutions deployed are very stable without issues or surprises. However, additional help is always on hand for maintenance and improvements – Rackspace’s 24/7 ‘Fanatical Experience’ has been greatly valued by Trading Point. Ultimately, thanks to the improved security, resiliency and scalability of the infrastructure, alongside the expertise brought through the Rackspace partnership – and, in turn, with Akamai – Trading Point now has the secure bedrock it needs for future growth. Loizides added: “Rackspace is a strategic partner that allowed us to grow, focus on our core business and competencies without having to worry about the management of our infrastructure and allowing us to sleep well at night. “Further to the breadth and depth of engineering expertise it has to offer to us, Rackspace supports our strategic goal to move certain infrastructure in the public cloud. In fact, we have access to a dedicated team of cloud experts to help us implement the switch. We see Rackspace as a long-term strategic partner, who will continue to support, audit and manage our cloud infrastructure, without bias towards cloud providers and allowing us to continue focusing on our core business.” ◊ THE STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH RACKSPACE HAS DELIVERED SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS TO THE PERFORMANCE, SECURITY, RELIABILITY AND SCALABILITY OF TRADING POINT’S SERVICES. Issue 03 49