Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 48

END USER INSIGHT Seeking a strategic partnership Andreas Loizides, CIO, Trading Point, said: “Like many digital-first organisations, the role of Trading Point’s IT team has evolved over the past decade – charged with developing new services and products, TRADING POINT’S PARTNERSHIP WITH RACKSPACE HAS ENABLED THE COMPANY TO TRANSFORM ITS INFRASTRUCTURE AND PRACTISES IN LINE WITH CRITICAL BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS. 48 Issue 03 ensuring a superior experience at every customer touch-point, risk management – all while improving and maintaining uninterrupted internal services.” To enable the IT team to focus on driving value back to the business’ core competencies, Trading Point began looking for a strategic partner to take on the management of hardware infrastructure and support the firm in the maintenance of its systems. As an online financial services company and a household name in many regions, cybercriminals see Trading Point as a big opportunity for monetary reward. It was particularly important for Trading Point to find an organisation that could maintain the high level of security required to protect the company and its resources from malicious cyberattacks and unauthorised access. And, given the significant fines at stake under GDPR for firms that are breached, Trading Point is acutely aware that a cybercriminal could potentially hold the power to destroy the firm. Trading Point selected Rackspace as its strategic partner, not only due to its market-leading technical expertise and security services, but as the company has very similar values of providing a ‘fanatical experience’ to its customers – putting the customer first while going above and beyond with the service it delivers. Delivering industry-leading practices with Rackspace Loizides said: “Trading Point’s partnership with Rackspace has enabled the company to transform its infrastructure and practises in line with critical business requirements. The main and backup data centres for Trading Point’s client facing equipment have been deployed in an enterprise, state of the art data centre in an excellent location. This enables Trading Point to cross-connect to liquidity providers for direct market pricing, as well as engage other strategic partners like Akamai for security and Oracle Cloud’s database management system (DBMS) solution.” To help manage this infrastructure, Trading Point is also able to take