Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 42

EXPERT OPINION It requires investment but also evolves organically with major carriers, service providers and fibre specialists often choosing to connect to certain facilities based on their reputation, strategic location and business value. Simon Bearne, Commercial Director at UK data centre operator NGD seen as vital in assisting customers with their carbon credentials and ultimate tax exposure. And don’t forget that regulatory and other charges make up a significant component of the price consumers pay and these too vary from country to country. Connectivity An interesting observation made in these surveys was the rise in geographical clusters of highly connected data centres; in cities and metro areas for enabling dense connectivity for supporting increasingly demanding cloud and digital services. This development demonstrates how space, power and cooling have now been joined by connectivity as one of the prerequisites in modern facilities. A data centre can no longer be an island and expect to survive let alone thrive. However, conjuring up highly diverse connectivity doesn’t happen overnight. NGD-Campus – The NGD campus in South Wales Fast-track hyperscale connectivity is of course possible but often involves considerable investment on the part of the data centre operator. Perhaps this is an indication as to why the pricing of many emerging data centre clusters is on the rise – somebody has to fund and get a return on the costs of the additional capacity required somehow. These factors and 100% uptime since commencing operations 10 years ago have all contributed to NGD’s facility becoming established as a major international and regional hub based in Western UK. Multiple carriers are connected via dark fibre together with ISPs and major cloud providers. And in a recent twist, NGD has launched subsidised POPs in Telehouse London allowing users to leverage the out of town advantage via a metro interconnect. affordable high quality, resilient, well connected and inherently secure data centre facilities in the UK. But to tick all these boxes you may well need to look further afield than London and the surrounding areas. ◊ IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE TO FIND AFFORDABLE HIGH QUALITY, RESILIENT, WELL CONNECTED AND INHERENTLY SECURE DATA CENTRE FACILITIES IN THE UK. Security Location has an impact on a data centre’s physical security. Those in metro areas will be at a natural disadvantage. A more remote out of town location offers sufficient elbow room for secure perimeters set back from the facility, clear separation from infrastructure such as roads, fewer limitations on available grid power, more campus space to support logistics and superior environmental risk profiles. In congested and expensive locations such as London this is very difficult to achieve. Furthermore, a secure site should have a low footfall – remote from highly populated focal points, a location where unwanted strangers are easy to spot. And of course, the data centre should not be in the vicinity of obvious crime targets, flight paths or flood plains. In summary, it’s vital to look beyond the headlines. It is entirely possible to find 42 Issue 03